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Launching Business: Proven and Professional Marketing Strategies Behind Corporate Identities


Contracted Chief Marketing Executive (CCME): Develops Esteemed, Compelling Brand and Graphic Identity for Start-up Hunting Outfitter

“Susie Hays was referred to me – I mean I really wasn’t sure about this outsourced marketing idea and what kind of background could she have on my vision? But the moment I sat down with her at our first meeting, something just clicked. It’s like she read my mind, she got my vision immediately and laid out the groundwork to not only invent my brand, but keep it maximizing my investments for the long haul. I can’t image where Hardy Field Sport would be today with out the help of Susie – She is smart, efficient, does her research and is obscenely thorough. Thank you Susie for making my dreams, vision and goals come true.”


Joe Hardy
President & Founder
Hardy Field Sport

Objective: Providing a Proven Business Branding Strategy to Bring to Market a New Company

An entrepreneur with a vision, Joe Hardy is creating a premiere hunting outfitter business, Hardy Field Sports, in Kansas focused on the “the love of the hunt.” His vision is to develop an enduring and unique hunting outfitters brand and hospitality business that will include products and services for: lodging, event planning, food and beverage/catering, merchandizing, transportation and tourism. The hospitality unit will consist of multiple groups such as facility maintenance, direct operations (servers, housekeeping, porters, guides, drivers, photography/videography, a chef, butcher service, shipping and management, etc.), all with a common goal to provide a fantastic experience. The final vision is that of a beautiful ranch facility with all the amenities travelers need and want for an unrivaled hunting vacation where individuals connect back to the earth through hunting and experiencing the land.


The Challenge

Joe Hardy, a client with big dreams and goals, set out to introduce a unique brand and hospitality business focused on the fair chase/fair hunt of white tail deer. However, as a one-man show, there was only so far his skill and vision would take him. What Joe needed was a single source of proven marketing leadership to help make strong business decisions to drive and build his start-up.


Out Business Branding Methods

Referred to Q2Mark by another one of my clients, Joe met with me to discuss his mission, challenges and ideas to make his business a reality. I got Joe’s vision immediately and quickly laid out the groundwork for how to invent his brand, the tools he would need for a successful launch and a continued thriving business.

A Quality Name Brand

When it comes to creating a company name, you want something with a connection or uniqueness – so it won’t diminish branding opportunities – and a name that’s broad enough to support your overarching business model.


I researched Joe’s initial company name “Anchor Point” finding that it didn’t meet any key criterion – it was too common,  oversaturated and, while it related to archery terminology, it wasn’t broad enough for his business model. I worked to expand ideas for Anchor Point, but it just wasn’t clicking. Given Joe’s goals and the market research I preformed, I pushed to use his last name, Hardy. It worked on SO many levels, even the definition of Hardy, as an adjective, was spot on in defining his WHOLE business idea.

Tag, You’re It

Once Joe was sold on “Hardy Field Sports,” I got to work on pitching taglines. Focused on conveying the company’s positioning, I drafted a handful of taglines, sent them over to Joe, and his response was almost immediate. “At the heart of hunting…” won HIS heart as it directly related back to the name and the sole purpose behind his business


A Brand Becomes a Business

When building a start-up, a quality name is half the battle; branding is the other half. Fortunately for Joe, I was right one-step ahead.


Logo Lock-Up on Lock Down

The logo design behind Hardy Field Sport was very strategic. Five letters is the perfect amount to work with in a logo, it’s a great size and “Hardy” made the cut. I proposed “Hardy” in a great dynamic bold font and “Field Sport” centered underneath in a smaller lettering – both fonts chosen to bring about a sport feel.


I also proposed tying in some great graphic imagery. The R in “Hardy” was used as the head of a deer with purposefully designed ears and antlers, and an old fashion arrow graphic was modernized to anchor “Field Sport.”


All of this in a green and brown color scheme illustrated the great forest surrounding the facility, and that all accommodations are immersed in nature and the love of the hunt.


With the name, logo and tagline in place, I went on to create the brand guide, letterhead, business cards, envelopes and stationary needed to begin his business development and outreach initiatives.

Business for Launch  

With my leadership and guidance, Joe’s vision quickly turned into a reality. I guided my client to a better name opportunity and focus for his overarching business brand.


For Names Sake

Through market research and brainstorming with my Q2Mark team, I developed the PERFECT name for Joe incorporating his last name Hardy and adding “Field Sport” to help convey presence and a message of being active, current, contemporary and meaningful to his audience.


A Corporate Identity Shines Through

Right on cue, I invented a tagline to define his business and established a compelling, valued, inclusive corporate identity setting his company apart from competitors.






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