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Showcasing Business Commitment Goals


Outsourced Digital Alignment Tactics Drive Business Growth and Revenue for Ethical Naturals Inc.’s Subsidiary GoldenGate Nutritionals

“Susie is an expert in her field! It was the utmost pleasure working with Susie and I have personally learned quite a lot, in regards to both sales techniques and marketing. Her knowledge in the latest marketing strategies is quite impressive. If you’re looking to grow your business, hands-down, Susie Hays is the one for you! Thank you for everything!”


Maryn Robinson
Sales Associate
GoldenGate Nutritionals

Objective: Digital Business Commitment  

GoldenGate Nutritionals was founded in 2012, as a subsidiary of ENI (Ethical Naturals Inc.), to provide premium ingredient sourcing, trusted testing and encapsulation and bottling manufacturing services. The company is able to maximize product development efficiencies and economies for the supplement industry. GoldenGate Nutritionals is an NSF/GMP-certified company under FDA CFR21, 111. GoldenGate Nutritionals’ quality guarantee is made possible by ProfileProven®. The program guarantees product potency, safety, and integrity from Field to Finished Product®. As part of their sourcing solution, GoldenGate Nutritionals offers access to some of the highest quality specialty ingredients in the industry. Whether customers are looking to encapsulate their own materials or those sourced through the company, GoldenGate Nutritionals offers a full spectrum of encapsulation services, with a specialization in veggie capsules. GoldenGate Nutritionals provides full line bottling of products and a range of premium, off the shelf products in veggie caps as an easy way to extend product lines. 


The Challenge  

GoldenGate Nutritionals has a compelling story given their ability to provide one-stop-shop sourcing, testing and manufacturing needs. The problem was that GoldenGate Nutritionals had virtually no digital presence, nothing that showcased their commitment to their business, which largely hindered sales and market share for the division.  


A Digital Framework 

I had been working with Ethical Naturals Inc. on their marketing goals and had great success with marketing, communications and business tactics surrounding their vegetable sourced GreenGrown Glucosamine product. Ethical Naturals Inc had put a huge investment into their manufacturing practices that was encompassed through GoldenGate Nutritionals and the team needed my smart, effective, proven strategy to position their expertise and help drive revenue for the subsidiary.  



When I started working on GoldenGate Nutritionals, they already had a solid logo in place. Q2Mark focused on developing a strategic framework for them, a website, to elevate the brand. With the company’s clear supply chain traceability, testing and certifications, Q2Mark incorporated content, imagery, and implemented further branding elements to effectively demonstrate how trustworthy and experienced GoldenGate Nutritionals was a co-manufacturing industry leader providing all manufacturing needs and more.  


Company LinkedIn Page 

Our audience (the decision-makers) are typically the finished good manufactures or contract manufactures. Partnering with a GMP-compliant contract manufacturer of dietary supplement products is a big deal—so many factors to consider—and, conveniently, GoldenGate Nutritionals has a huge advantage in the category saving clients, partners and prospects time and money with all their capabilities.  


Another way to connect with these high-standard professionals is through LinkedIn. With 467 million users, LinkedIn is the largest professional network out there. I set up and designed their LinkedIn page, both curated and repurposed website content to help position GoldenGate Nutritionals and worked to connect the company with potential clients. 



ProfileProven® is Ethical Naturals Inc.’s Quality Assurance System that guarantees product potency, safety, and integrity from Field to Finished Product®. Since its inception, ENI has been an acknowledged industry leader in quality assurance, developing testing methods to identify both economic and manufacturing adulteration in key botanical ingredients. This website launch was imperative for moving forward with growth for Ethical Naturals Inc. and GoldenGate Nutritionals, but also to secure the same quality assurance industry accreditation that ENI already had.  


I drafted the press release announcing GoldenGate Nutritionals’s new website highlighting the pertinent information. Next, I worked to distribute the press release to top industry publications where it was published hitting all current clientele as well as prospective clients, showcasing the company’s commitment to growth, strategic expertise, and quality. 


Growth Results 

As ENI/GGN marketing lead, Q2Mark was responsible for developing a sound digital structure and website launch PR resulting in: 

  • Lead generation  
  • Boost in GoldenGate Nutritionals sales and market share 
  • Helping position GoldenGate Nutritionals as trustworthy 
  • Increased GoldenGate Nutritionals’s name recognition 
  • Increased awareness for GoldenGate Nutritionals’s outstanding approach to QA and manufacturing  
  • Uniquely positioning GoldenGate Nutritionals as the vertically integrated supplier industry lead 






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