A Word From Our Clients


“Even though we have over a half-century of business experts and success, we thought we might benefit from somebody helping us build awareness and grow in a newer category for HORN. That’s when we met Susie Hays, and she answered our calling. Susie Hays with Q2Mark helped us look at our current practices and refine them to be more relatable and engaging. She helped us to understand where the opportunities were and reach our audience through an integrated marketing strategy. She communicated our expertise and values to the industry in a more unique and memorable way. The investment has been well worth it — not only from the extraordinary response we attained in incremental sales — but also from having the experience of broadening the way we think about adding values to our principals, clients, and industry. The results speak for themselves. It has been a really successful process.”


Lisa Alley-Zarkades

Vice President Commercial Development

HORN Animal Wellness

“At Del Monte Group, we had been doing our own marketing for years, but we had reached a point where we were at the limit of our knowledge base. Around that same time, we saw that a colleague of ours was gaining tremendous traction and success. When we approached her, she immediately introduced us to Susie.


I will admit, I was hesitant at first because I didn’t think we had the skills, the technical ability, the delivery, the personality – any of the things needed to carry out what Susie was proposing. I mean, a podcast, really? But, Susie, to her credit, brought it out of us. She showed us our potential – that we were really good at sharing information people wanted to hear, and we could have fun and be ourselves with it. I would 100% recommend Susie and her team. It’s unbelievable how well cared for I feel, and her delivery is always on point – I can sit down and provide the information needed, and then they just churn out amazing ready-to-use content for marketing, social media, and the whole gambit. She has completely upended our marketing systems for the better, and everything you see about DMG now is thanks to her and her team.”


Angela Wright


Del Monte Group

“My biggest hesitation when it came to working with Susie and her firm was that I didn’t know her. She was referred to me by a fellow attorney, which is great, but I’m handing over parts of my business to someone I didn’t know. For a long time, my team and I talked about so many things we wanted to accomplish, but didn’t have the time or knowledge to do so. I knew it was time to do something in order to move the business forward, so I decided to schedule a roadmapping session with Susie and was really impressed with her affordability, comprehensiveness, and relevance.


Susie is very creative and, of course, knowledgeable about marketing, new technology and the psychology of marketing. However, what really stands out is her strong planning and organization muscle. I work best when there is a system that I can understand, and she is very good at planning out processes and implementing them, so nothing is overlooked. It is a unique combination, I think, to be both creative and systematic.


With Susie on board, we were able to implement so many new marketing platforms including a full rebrand of the business from our name to our website. We could not have done this without Susie and her team. We have so many aspects of marketing happening now and we are seeing the results in revenue. We now have automated marketing through our sales funnel, we are using social media consistently and we have a beautiful new website. Not only would I recommend Susie and her services, but I already have.”


Kirsten Howe


Absolute Trust Counsel

“I had known Susie for a few years before inquiring about her services for DMG. I had seen some of the work she had been doing for a local nonprofit, and later she made a presentation to our group over at the John Muir Health Foundation. I was just so impressed with all of her work and recommendations. Internally we had been talking about making some changes and wanted to make some changes, but I wanted it done right and knew we needed to bite the bullet and get a good integrated marketing plan in place, and Susie was my first call.


She did a survey of our business, a deep dive into what we had been doing, and then presented her recommendations, and it was amazing. She hit everything right on the spot. Within our first six months, she completely revamped all of our marketing efforts. We went straight from a model T to a Maserati. I’m not kidding. A great example? We have struggled over the years to develop a coherent website, and she did it in like two weeks (okay, maybe not two weeks exactly, but really freaking quickly) with no edits from us because she gets us so well, better than we do ourselves. Seriously, we keep getting all sorts of responses and accolades from people on the work we’re putting out, and it’s all thanks to Susie and her team. They are miracle workers. If she can make something out of our team, she can do it for anyone. I cannot recommend her, Taylor, and the rest of her team highly enough.”


Richard Del Monte

CEO and Co-Founder

Del Monte Group

With all of our organization’s initiatives and expansions to empower older and dependent adults, we had to put a pause of some of our marketing communications efforts. But when it was time to put things back in motion, I knew we needed to source help externally.


I was initially introduced and recommended to Susie from my appearance on the Absolute Trust Talk podcast and Absolute Trust Counsel’s Elder Advocacy and Law Boot Camp event.


Q2Mark wasted no time getting started. We jumped right into working on our social media and email communications strategies, donor support tactics, and our annual report.


Our virtual working sessions with the Q2Mark team are highly effective and efficient, so we can get to the root of what’s happening and what we need to be done. On top of that, Susie and Taylor always provide ideas to expand ROI, reach, awareness, and marketing integrations beyond what we expect.


Our work together has expanded public relations, marketing funnels, events, advertising, database management, market research, and branding tools. Especially now, when the COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly impacted our community. Susie and Taylor have been available to support our needs at a moment’s notice.


With Susie and Taylor as a part of our team, we’re exceeding our goals, and I would recommend the Q2Mark team for your marketing and communications needs.”


Nicole Howell

Executive Director

Ombudsman Services Contra Costa, Solano and Alameda

Empowered Aging


“I’ve hired Susie Hays for four of my businesses and would do it over again. She is an incredible talent, delivers at every turn, and she is an out-of-the box thinker needed for business growth.”


Gregory R. Nelson,

Sr. Co-Founder

DonJoy Inc., BREG, Inc, and United Orthopedic Group

michael-bains-green-circle (1)

“We are forever changed. So glad I met Susie.


She’s built a marketing firm with an outstanding reputation and track record for successful results. That’s why we wanted to work with her.


When we hired Susie to help us with some marketing programs, I never knew how wonderful and valuable she’d become. She has business savvy well beyond just marketing expertise.


I think she is one of the most talented, confident, and simultaneously sweet people I know. Her skill set seems to go on forever. I call on her to help me in so many ways. She’s always willing and able to help, and she does so enthusiastically. Susie is 100% committed to helping our company grow and help us all be better.


I think about Susie a lot and how lucky we are that she works with us every day. I’ve said it a bunch, but she has added so much maturity and heft to our businesses.


Looking back, our branding and marketing seems so thin and pale compared to where we are now. And, it just keeps building as your well of ideas seems endless.”


Michael A. Bains

President & CEO

Mold Inspection Sciences and Mold Inspection Sciences Texas

I first met Susie during our initial roadmapping session, and at the time, I had only been with MISTX for a few months. So, I wasn’t sure of the other partners’ full vision and was just absorbing what Susie was presenting. But, now that I am an active member in creating those goals, Susie’s roadmapping is a part of everything I do. It helps me refocus and stay on track when it comes to our growth and our goals. And that’s part of the beauty of our partnership and collaboration. Susie gets us where we need to be to always succeed.


A great example was in 2019 when our industry was facing deregulation, and I was asked to testify in front of the Texas Legislature House & Senate. I didn’t know where to begin with preparation. So, I called Susie on a Friday afternoon, and she jumped into action, working all weekend to coach me on my statement and my delivery, and come Monday, I was ready to go. And it only gets better from there.


Not only is she a fantastic business coach and mentor, but she has helped us fix our brand at Mold Inspection Sciences Texas and then launch a completely new organization, TMARA a mold industry first nonprofit. She helps us at every touchpoint, social media marketing, email marketing, web development, videos, etc. The Q2Mark team has helped develop messages and content for me through every channel and audience – clients, staff, government officials, memberships, preferred partners, and of course, the media. Susie and her team have helped us really shine in the media. I’ve had the opportunity to be a part of several news interviews on NBC and Fox. I’ve been featured in WIRED, and our team has been on Dr. Phil not once but twice, among other appearances.


So, yes, I recommend Susie and Q2Mark 100 times over. They are fun to work with, and she always provides a comprehensive plan, no matter the project. The Q2Mark team always delivers for us, and they will deliver for you too.”


Mike Marshall

Chief Operating Officer

Mold Inspection Sciences Texas


“Susie Hays breathes life and positivity through her expertise and passion as a market strategy executive leader. I had the privilege of collaborating on a wide range of marketing strategies with Q2Mark and feel I saw the breadth and scope of their prowess from re-branding, reputation management, the launch of digital and social media targeted market campaigns, the launch of a new website, customer-facing letters, surveys, and more. Aside from trusting her recommendations and strategy completely, I thought the deliverables of her campaigns were incredibly powerful and compelling, which has the desired market results she consistently delivered. She is an artist, storyteller, strategist, level-5 executive, and friend.”


Kris High

Chief Commercial Officer 

Folium Biosciences

Janice Binger

“As the President for Archer Daniels Midland’s Natural Health and Nutrition division, I had the opportunity to work with Susie through our sales and marketing partner B&D Nutritional Ingredients and during industry events. Susie has strategically positioned B&D in the marketplace with memorable marketing communication programs. She is tremendous in helping maximize brand potential and helped B&D and ADM reach our marketing goals. Without reservation, I would recommend Susie to anyone wanting to reach and exceed their marketing goals. She is extremely talented.”


Janice Binger


Archer Daniels Midland

Natural Health and Nutrition 


“I met Susie in 2006 while leading Kemin Health’s North American sales team, as well as our global technical and customer laboratory service teams. We successfully turned around declining sales for a key product, introduced an application research division, and launched new ingredients. Susie was the head of marketing for our U.S. distribution partner and we worked together for eight years. I loved her thinking, work ethic and creativity. She’d join our annual strategy meetings and we’d fly our V.P. of Marketing to meet with Susie as she’d provide growth strategies for our human nutrition product lines. When Susie productized her fractional CMO business, I reached out to hire her for our global leadership team. She’s the person you’d want for vision and execution.”


Linda Fullmer

Global Senior Vice President – New Enterprises | Human Nutrition and Health



“Susie constantly brings new and innovative ideas to our creative discussions, and is then able to correlate those to our marketing and sales strategies. Her ability to see the big picture, ask the right questions and then deliver amazing marketing pieces, strategies, and solutions is what makes her an amazing asset to any company.” 


Kyle Redfield

President & Chief Operating Officer

KonaRed Corporation

Paul Sterling - MIS

“We couldn’t be surer that choosing to work with Q2Mark was the right choice. It began nearly-two years ago with their Roadmapping session preceded with some ‘homework’ for the decision makers in our organization. The session that day, and the report that followed, were eye opening for us. We couldn’t get started working with Q2Mark quickly enough. The Roadmapping session delivered far more value in itself than was represented by the cost in terms of time and money.


In the interim Q2Mark has delivered in so many ways for us. Initially by helping us realize where our brands needed strengthening and in delivering a set of Brand Guidelines we use nearly daily. Since then Q2Mark has helped identify weakness in our customer journey, marketing opportunities, sales process, and staffing approaches – helping us improve our process and implement systems that we continue to rely on every day.

While Q2Mark is well-versed in the technology of marketing systems they embraced our unique legacy and tech-centric approach and adapted their systems to work with ours seamlessly.


Q2Mark showed their true prowess in delivering a company-wide event, organized remotely and with myriad components that came together seamlessly – making our internal team feel confidant and allowing them to perform at their best. They helped arrange or directly organized all aspects of the event, supporting brand-building materials, project and task management, and provided coaching not only to the organizers but also to the presenters to make the event one of the highlights of the decade for us.”


Paul Sterling


Mold Inspection Sciences and Mold Inspection Sciences Texas

Rebecca Niehus

“Susie is a true team player always coming to the table studied, prepared and with creative ideas and energy to move the project and indeed the company to the next level. Susie’s gift is that she develops a vision and will push, pull and conjure to make it a reality.  


I also enjoy her as a colleague. I admire her constitution to push forward on difficult projects yet retain a positive and fun attitude, leaving her team knowing that the result was well worth the effort and that something amazing was created and unleashed on the market.  


Susie has a wonderful eye for design, and no detail is missed. She is organized which can be difficult to find in a creative spirit. She has done an amazing job moving B&D’s image to the front of the industry and allowing the personality of the company to come through in our logo, ads, and various PR opportunities.”


Rebecca Niehus

Director of Technical Sales & Distribution Management, Solazyme, Inc. (Solazyme Roquette Nutritionals) 

Director of Marketing & Business Development, AIDP

President, B&D Nutritional Ingredients 


“For all of the years I’ve been in business and an entrepreneur, this is the first time I’m seeing marketing results as I envisioned it should be.”


Kashif Shan

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Folium Biosciences 

Dr. Kevin Ellis - Viscent

“I had the pleasure of working with Susie in my role as Founder/Chairman of Viscent LLC. As a key member of our management team, Susie is a remarkable marketing communications and business development professional. Her mastery of branding expertise, new media, and solid comprehension of business processes brought our company to life and turned our concept into a viable organization. She is an exceptional talent. I’d enthusiastically recommend Susie to anyone seeking marketing advancements at the highest level.” 


Kevin Ellis

Chief Medical Officer

Cigna Medical Group 

Chad Nelson

“So here’s the deal, Susie effectively implemented both business and creative strategy to rebrand Bledsoe Brace Systems from the ground up. She helped us understand our own company’s mission, vision and business model even more clearly then we thought we did. And the best part? The new branding and culture that Susie implemented for us was so revolutionary that other industry moguls started to rebrand themselves to be more like Bledsoe. There is no doubt in my mind that I would call Susie again.”


Chad Nelson

Vice President of Sales

Bledsoe Brace Systems

Shaun Roberts

“I’ve known and worked with Susie for many, many years. She is always quick on her feet to provide ideas and recommendations o take your business to the next level, whether it be expanding ROI, reach, awareness, productization enhancements, or any other number of marketing communications strategies. At Folium, I was truly thrilled for the opportunity to work with Susie again. From the very beginning her rockstar CMO powers shined through. And I have to say, when I received her marketing plan, I was truly blown away. It was the best marketing plan I’ve ever read. And when it came to implementation, Susie was committed to success at every turn.”


Shaun Roberts

Global Business Development

Folium Biosciences 



“I recommend Susie Hays to anyone who wants to standout amongst the crowd. I know of her successes in launching science-based products and businesses, but I didn’t realize just how great her work was until I got to work with her during a SuperZoo tradeshow and School of Animal Wellness event several years ago. Susie harnesses vision, dedication and drive to build comprehensive and integrative marketing communications. She demonstrated the ability to take my complex nutrition and food science source materials and transform them into easy to understand and utilize consumers campaigns – maximizing ROI at every turn. She is an amazing person and terrific professional.”



Chief Scientific Officer


Ken Starzynski

“I had the pleasure of working with Susie on a variety of company initiatives focused on product marketing and company messaging and rebranding. Susie brought a wealth of industry knowledge as well as supporting market data that allowed our team to refocus on our core capabilities and market messaging. She was able to create our digital messaging and product campaigns, an entire new relaunch of our company website, and complete a rebranding of our company reputation and logo in a short time with unwavering commitment to our team and completion of our targeted goals. Quite simply, Susie and her team are “good people” who I would love to work with again and recommend to anyone in need of company marketing leadership and strategy.”


Ken Starzynski

Vice President of Fulfillment

Folium Biosciences

Gabrielle + Maryn

“Susie is an absolute pleasure to work with! She has incredible insight and instincts for marketing and communications, and is constantly thinking through new ways to communicate product advantages and branding for her clients. My direct experience working with Susie is that she is methodical, creative and skilled in her ability to communicate the vision and message of a company and/or product. She thinks five steps ahead and is always considering how any action, no matter how small, will affect the overall message and strategy, an essential skill for anyone involved in marketing a brand or product. She takes her client’s requests to heart and works methodically, diligently, and with the highest amount of integrity to deliver results on time. Most importantly she is kind, compassionate and honest. I would not hesitate to work with her or for her on any future projects.” 


Gabrielle Klein

Sales Manager

Ethical Naturals Inc. 

Brenda Geiger

“At Geiger Law, we take pride in delivering estate plans that are tailored to the personal needs of each individual client, and that tailored focus is what, initially, helped grow our business. We’ve always seemed to be pretty strong at sharing our knowledge base through our website and locally in the community, but our marketing bandwidth was limited and wanted to maximize ROI with promotions for some of our signature events that we host. I kept thinking about outsourcing but wasn’t sure if it was right for me and never really had the time or budget to invest. With more time running out, I realized my marketing problems weren’t going to solve themselves, so I decided to pull the trigger and luckily met Susie Hays. 


She quickly provided a comprehensive tactical marketing plan to help secure registrations, build awareness and boost alliances, over a three month period, delivering a record-breaking event attendance not one, but TWO years in a row. The reach of her social media strategy was so incredible it touched my long lost mentor prompting him to surprise me at our Symposium event! And, the cherry on top? Susie’s PR efforts! She secured several media appearances for me at local radio shows, cable companies and our local NBC news station to boot.  


Susie is always prompt, always available and always providing extra insight, work and results. Your investment in Susie is an added value you didn’t know you or your business was missing.”


Brenda Geiger J.D

Founder and Managing Attorney

Geiger Law Office P.C. 



“Susie is a knowledgeable and passionate consultant who really listens to the client to get to know all the available information before she helps formulates strategies and tactics on how to address the business questions at hand. Susie is reliable, great to work with, and at the same time is not afraid to be blunt about hard choices.” 


Doug Reyes,

Sales & Marketing Manager,

Embria Health Sciences 

Jesse Martinson, SureCoat Systems

“Before we began working with Susie, SureCoat Systems struggled to stand out in the marketplace. Our grassroots marketing efforts and expertise seemed to reach a limit. We knew we had a one-of-a-kind products but couldn’t quite find the strategy implementation needed to move us forward. Our target markets didn’t understand the technology behind SureCoat Systems, which made our products superior to others, and, as a result, saw us as just another name on the shelf in an already competitive market. After meeting with Susie, I knew we were on the right track. She did a full audit of our business to see where the holes were and then presented super smart, creative, and spot-on recommendations to bring forth our product line’s advantages and educate both businesses and consumers. Our work together was a true success. Susie helped us double our business and yield continuous ROI that we see to this day. I 100% recommend Susie and her team at Q2Mark. They are hard-working, positive, reliable, and very effective. When you work with Susie, you won’t be sorry!”


Jesse Martinson

Owner and President

SureCoat Systems

Michael Sodaro

“Susie provides a high level of creativity to her work along with being able to bring it all together to provide a long term marketing strategy. Susie dealt with complex products and has created easy and effective messages for us. I highly recommend her work.”


Michael Sodaro

Vice President of Sales


Dave Preszler 2014

“Susie came to our HORN Animal Wellness Group highly recommended by one of our principal suppliers as having talented B2B marketing skill in human nutrition, but no background in the pet food & treat market. Well, I’m here to tell you that Susie is the proof in the pudding that a lack of industry background doesn’t mean a thing. Susie really did her research and applied her proven methodologies, strategies, tactics and creativity to bring about swift and immediate growth. She fundamentally changed the way we work both within and outside of HORN. Susie wasn’t just an investment she was instrumental in making HORN Animal Wellness what it is today.”


Dave Preszler

Technical Director & Senior Account Manager


Joel Radtke - UOG

“United Ortho was a huge undertaking, I mean we were literally starting from scratch, Greg Nelson and I had a need for a marketing structure and platform for our start-up, not to mention the leadership to execute it. Thankfully, Greg had a secret weapon up his sleeve and her name was Susie Hays. Susie helped create an environment where anything seems possible. She is smart, methodical and has the skills and insight to drive your company in the right direction with her creative proven marketing and communications efforts. It was as though one day our business ideas were lifted to full steam ahead business growth. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Susie again.”


Joel Radtke

Chief Financial Officer/Co-Founder/Director


Roy Fleischer

“Susie is an extremely professional and gifted Marketing Communications and Branding Consultant. In only a short time she brought my company into the social media marketing world at a crucial time as it is a staple in all industries and positive changes were seen immediately. At the same time she created company logos and created brand awareness instantly with her marketing techniques. Our company benefited from her insight, ideas and decades of experience. I would recommend Susie without question. She has handled large corporations and smaller businesses, like the one I work for, with same professionalism, care and instinctual skill that comes so naturally to her. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to meet her, work with her and experience the talent she has to create advantages for companies to achieve greater heights.” 


Roy Fleischer

Sales and Communications

Ethical Naturals Inc.


“Working with Susie on a number of high profile projects over the years has been an amazing experience. Susie’s incredible work ethic, creativity and organization skills alone put her in a whole new class of what is considered marketing professional. It’s not everyday that you find someone in the marketing world that truly takes the time and effort to truly understand a company’s brand, social culture, sales team and products to such a granular detail. This alone is what sets her apart and makes her so effective in leading companies in consistent growth time and time again. I highly recommend Susie if you are ready to get serious and take your business to the next level as turn key professionals like her are very hard to come by.”


Justin Sutton

Owner / Creative Director

1926 Studio


I’ve always been proud of DRE and the company we’ve grown and evolved into, and to be honest I didn’t quite see the need to change our representation. I was very much in favor of keeping us in the 90’s, that is until I met Susie Hays. Believe me, it took some nudging, internal bias is difficult to see even when you are looking for it, but I look back at our old corporate identity and digital presence and cringe.  


Susie quickly put her expertise to work showing me what the new face of DRE could be. She whipped up a unique branding and logo that really sets us apart and shows just how exceptional our quality of work is in our category. It’s amazing to see the new doors that have opened and the recognition of the DRE presence. Everyone knows DRE from the logo on our shirts to the labeling of our work, Susie and team gave us the identity we needed to truly compete in our field.  


I was proud before, but I’m even more proud now of the organization represented by this new presence. Thank you and keep nudging!”


David C Hoover



Jennifer Thomas

“Susie’s creativity and knowledge in the marketing arena always knocked me off of my feet. She is a true innovator and pioneer and I’ve seen other companies follow her lead and try to replicate her ideas. She has her finger on the pulse of the Nutraceutical Market.


Jennifer Thomas

East Coast Account Executive

B&D Nutritional Ingredients


“Susie offered expert advice and guidance while we developed our logo, and she produced very professional looking sales literature for our company as it anounced new products. I highly recommend Susie!”


Jeffrey Kanel

President and CEO

Renewable Algal Energy

Jonathan Lackey

“Susie is a passionate marketing expert that I’ve had the pleasure of working with for 6+ years now. She focuses on the big picture but never misses the smallest of details. Susie puts her heart and soul into every project she is a part of and that makes her an invaluable part of any team.”


Jonathan Lackey

Owner/Creative Director at Zuno Design Studios

An Interactive Design Company 


“I have always resisted change. I admit I also didn’t recognize my work as a business. Thankfully, Susie Hays set me straight. 


Susie and I met in grade school and we’ve been friends ever since. She forged her path and I found mine. Susie became the marketing genius who successfully started and continues to run her own marketing company, Q2Mark. I was busy sharing my passion for literature and words through teaching (middle school and high school). I also had a side gig: betareading, editing, proofing, writing copy… In a nutshell, I was a wordsmith. Although I charged for these services, it never occurred to me it was an Actual Business—until Susie set me straight. 


I never advertised. I never marketed my skills. I relied on repeat clients and referrals. The phone simply rang and I had work. But the phone didn’t ring off the hook. After completing a copywriting gig for Q2Mark, Susie Hays offered some free advice: Treat my business like a business. 


As I mentioned, I resist change. But Susie’s question niggled at me until I could no longer resist. I was ready to put my business in her capable hands. 


Who knew the work was just beginning? Susie’s process made me dig deep. I had to face where I was failing as a business owner and decide which of her strategy solutions I could implement. This was a total business makeover, not some flashy one-click deal. There was a logo involved. That woman sees EVERYTHING as she creates her logos with purpose. I mean it. From the font, color selection, placement, accompanying graphics… Every single element of the designs she creates is deliberate and purposeful. 


I’m still resistant to change in many areas, but I trust Susie and Q2Mark’s guidance. My business is now thriving so much that I’ve had to hire an assistant and I now have a wait list for clients. It’s all the result of her “intervention” in my business, so I’m more willing to make the changes in my business that Susie suggests.”


Reese Johnson


Reese Writes Betareader


Southern California is BIG into softball. And I mean BIG. We’ve always had an amazing tight-knit community in the Carlsbad Softball world, and with amazing players and families what more do you need to really stand apart? Our mission has always been to create a positive and healthy atmosphere for everyone involved in the CSA and we’ve been successful in staying true to that throughout the years.  


It wasn’t until Maddie Hays joined the league, and we met her marketing guru mom, that we realized the CSA did need something more to stand out in the ever-competitive SoCal softball world. (We call this the Hays Effect; you don’t know what you’re missing until you meet Susie Hays) Susie offered to rebrand the CSA for FREE and we’ve never looked back!  


Susie’s cool multi-faceted logo represents the unique coastal community, the core values of our association and above all the players and their families. Oh did we mention the boost in spirit wear sales?  


Even though Maddie has moved on and players have come and gone, our brand remains true in inspiring our Carlsbad Softball Youth.”


Ray Dresser


Carlsbad Softball Association (CSA) 


As an author and composer looking to self-publish a series of eBooks and launch a new online business, I spent months researching an approach to develop a digital/social media savvy business thinking I could do it all myself. As this self-education progressed, I quickly became overloaded with ideas, but not knowing how to effectively use them – what I really needed was a roadmap to get from point A to point Z for launching my books and growing my business. I had always considered hiring outside consulting, but my funds were limited and I needed to find the right person for my budget. Thankfully Susie Hays was on my radar.  


I had been talking with Susie for nearly a year and was impressed with her knowledge, quick insight and positive attitude in getting me started. I kept saying to myself, “When I am ready, this is the person I want as my guide.” 


I finally took the plunge and my good old self pep talk couldn’t of been more on point! Susie’s business launch program was exactly what I needed. The Seven Pillar program was fantastic. It walked me through each stage of marketing my eBooks, helped me identify areas that needed attention, broke down those stubborn areas of resistance, and demystified the terminology, so that I now have a good grasp of marketing my series. Her communication was full of valuable insights, resources and ideas. Best of all, she helped me become self-sufficient going forward. 


Within a few months, I had a strategic roadmap to launch my business, my website is headed in the right direction, my offers and list building plans are falling into place, AND I understand the defined target markets for my business to gain traction.  


I absolutely recommend Susie to those who need to publicize their organizations, promote their books, launch their tours and beyond.”


Joanna Brouk

Author & Composer

Vasil Headshot

“I had the pleasure of meeting Susie at one of our local financial planning presentations discussing the process of planning for college. We had a great one-on-one after the presentation and thinking back on it now, it makes sense that Susie brought such great constructive criticism to our meeting. She is a marketing genius.  


After I found out that Susie was a self-made marketing machine, I confided that I was unhappy with the fact that my own marketing was yielding very little results. My funding was low, but I really wanted CoPlan to express the passion that we were putting into the business behind the scenes as well as each and every client that walks through the door. After much deliberation, I finally asked if she would be willing to help, and boy did she ever.  


Susie and her team restructured CoPlan finally driving us as the unique business that we have always been. She helped us leave a positive and valued impression on our customers with strong symbolism through our identity, which represented our work with all kinds of needs and all kinds of families. 


At CoPlan our ultimate goal is to help families move forward to meet their college goals, little did I know that one of my clients would help me move forward too.  


Thank you, Susie and Q2Mark team!”


Vasil Svolopoulous


CoPlan CFS


“Susie Hays was referred to me – I mean I really wasn’t sure about this outsourced marketing idea and what kind of background could she have on my vision? But the moment I sat down with her at our first meeting, something just clicked. It’s like she read my mind, she got my vision immediately and laid out the groundwork to not only invent my brand, but keep it maximizing my investments for the long haul. I can’t image where Hardy Field Sport would be today with out the help of Susie – She is smart, efficient, does her research and is obscenely thorough. Thank you Susie for making my dreams, vision and goals come true.”


Joe Hardy


Hardy Field Sport


“My job is to capture and help bring concepts and visions to life, but also to teach how to do that. I am a professional photographer, videographer, middle school educator of both film and photography, and the man behind the camera.  


I’ve had the good fortune and privilege to work with Susie Hays for over 10 years now, helping bring to life visions and concepts for a variety of clients across several industries. Each and every time, this is what I see in my camera lens. Susie is a visionary that has a unique balance of talent and business expertise. She cares deeply about every single client and takes the time to strategize and execute to get the job done right. But more than that, she works to provide an effective solution that brings specific proven results to every account.  


So, here is my marketing pitch, looking to launch a start-up or help your business grow? My recommendation is always Susie Hays and Q2Mark.”


Mike Woodard




Softball has been a huge part of my life for over 20 years. I grew up playing and went on to become a nationally recognized player during school so naturally, coaching felt like the perfect fit after I stopped playing. But, I wanted to brand my coaching; I wanted it to be my own.  


I know the game like the back of my hand, but when it comes to business, not so much.  


My uncle, Greg Nelson, is a successful businessman with several start-ups under his belt, so it really helped to have that on my side, but what I really needed helped to market my business. I had absolutely no clue what I needed or how to develop it, and even my uncle outsourced for that. Luckily he has an amazing resource in his back pocket, Susie Hays, and Q2Mark.  


While I was on a tight budget, I needed Susie’s help to get my business going and generate that income for my family and myself.   


I’ve seen Susie’s work first hand from all the businesses she has helped my uncle Greg launch, as well as in our community where she worked with the Carlsbad Softball Association, the Carlsbad High School, and the So Cal Breakers Softball, so I knew I was in more than capable hands.  


Susie’s guidance and work were fantastic, valuable beyond words, putting into play strategies and tactics that lasted beyond the scope of her involvement.  


For 20+ years I’ve known of Susie’s talents, her award-winning work to help market businesses and her gifts to help our community be recognized as the best. Now, I’ve experienced first-hand Susie’s work to help me succeed. 


I can’t recommend Susie enough to any start-up business, company struggling to for growth, or organization needing support for their efforts.”


Katie Jo Nelson Soukup

Fastpitch Softball Coach


“At Aurora Adventure we develop unique personalized adventures focused on connecting our clients to the heart and soul of their area of travel. We’ve organized yoga retreats, Spanish language tours, art retreats, spiritual journeys, wildlife adventures, surf safaris and Eco-voluntourism tours among other interests.  


While I was working on developing my website, I ran into an extreme problem, I was terrified! And, needed help from a professional and expert marketer. I knew if I didn’t get help soon I would lose my website and my business could be substantially impacted, and that’s when I reached out to Susie Hays.  


Susie was there for me at every outreach working to solve a gambit of issues – business, development, marketing, branding etc. She took the time to really understand my challenges, needs and provided clear direction and strategy on how to solve. I’m not sure how she does it, it felt like I was her only client, devoting the majority of her day to me, late night, early morning, she was there – completely responsive and always right on target.  


Susie’s breadth of business knowledge spanned to protect my intellectual property and brand. During a dire issue, Susie helped me more than I could have ever anticipated and I am deeply thankful for her help in saving my website and my business growth.”


Dawn Feuerberg

Founder & Owner

Aurora Adventures

C11A1571 - Head Shot

“You have been a tremendous help to me and my business, especially, but not limited to the rebranding and re-messaging. Thank you so very much!”


Joe Morgan, CFA, CFP®


Best Financial Life