About The Company

Solve Big Problems and Find Greater Growth with Fractional CMO and Marketing Expertise


When you’re experiencing issues with revenue and growth, that typically means you’re struggling with marketing. The right leadership and services will accelerate both outcomes. We usually see companies who shy away from hiring a full-time Chief Marketing Officer because their business might not be ready for it or they can’t afford that full-time salary, and the department of team members needed. The bottom line is that you’re not equipped with what you need, and that’s where Q2Mark comes in. Our unique fractional arrangement allows you to get the desired results faster and more efficiently. We are a cost-effective, innovative solution that gives you the right leadership and proven marketing systems, strategies, and processes to help your organization capitalize on its potential.

What Is Q2Mark?


Q2Mark is a US-based firm with a talented team of marketers and communicators across the country. Our organization is filled with passionate professionals who care deeply about the businesses and brands they work with. We are a group of driven people who want to do good in the world and appreciate when our clients feel the same about their work and business.

What Does Q2Mark Do?


When we decide to partner, Q2Mark becomes your part-time outsourced marketing leadership team, equipped with an expert team that takes on all marketing activities for your business – everything from management to execution. Then, when you face a challenge or roadblock, your Q2Mark outsourced marketing leadership will strategize to develop distinct solutions. With 30+ years of experience under our belts, we excel at leveraging tried and true marketing strategies to solve problems, fill holes, and drive your business forward to help you reach your goals – a comprehensive and integrated marketing methodology that you won’t find elsewhere.

Our Solutions

  • Generate Hot Leads
  • Drive Conversions
  • Establish Brand Awareness and Loyalty
  • Differentiate Your Brand
  • Produce Elevated Effective Messaging Across Brand Touch-Points

  • Launch New Products and Services
  • Construct More Dynamic Sales Tools
  • Initiate Stronger Customer Satisfaction
  • Cultivate and Strengthen Company Culture
  • Improve Profitability

The Q2Mark Difference

Unlike a typical head of marketing leadership and marketing department, our Fractional CMO and skilled technical team is a carefully curated group of individuals who bring the best in the business under one (virtual) roof.


We are expert marketing professionals who work exclusively for small to medium-sized companies. Harnessing our superpowers, we offer a well-rounded perspective and a deep understanding of business, allowing us to achieve meaningful results. We develop marketing communication programs customized to reach your specific audiences and support your goals from our comprehensive range of integrated services and powerful and proactive media relations efforts.


Do you already have an in-house marketing department? Are you collaborating with another service provider? Great! Our team will seamlessly collaborate with all parties involved. We thrive on solving challenges and creating a new way forward to help our clients succeed because they look to us for results, and we never fail to deliver.

What Q2Mark Delivers


Results. You have goals, and we’re here to help meet and exceed them. Q2Mark will deliver measurable results that demonstrate the positive growth and profitability you’ve been itching to see in your organization.


Cost-Effectiveness. This solution is two-fold. You can tap into the right amount of services for your specific needs. And two, you don’t have to worry about the costs associated with full-time employees. It’s a win-win!


Flexibility. Again, our part-time expertise is based on your needs.


Freedom. You started this business (or joined) it for a reason. Stop spinning your wheels with the nuts and bolts that aren’t part of your skill set. We’ll take over so you can get back to utilizing your expertise to its fullest.


Immediate Impact. Once the I’s are dotted, and the T’s are crossed, we jump directly into implementation.


Best Practices. Our team takes pride in being on the cutting edge of the latest and greatest marketing best practices and believe us; it’s no small feat. With a digital landscape that is constantly changing, we’re continuously working to enhance our skill sets.


A Clear-Eyed View. Q2Mark provides capabilities and expertise that aren’t available to you internally. Our outside perspective delivers a leading marketing approach, processes, procedures, tools, and more, demonstrating real ROI.


Reliability. We ensure that all team members are held accountable and that all projects and marketing activities are completed when needed – at Q2mark, we never miss deadlines.


Our Team is Your Team, and Your Team is Ours. As your outsourced marketing CMO and department, we effortlessly become a part of your executive management and meet with you regularly to ensure we’re all on track.

Meet Your Outsourced, Fractional CMO, and Q2Mark Founder


Solution-focused and built out of necessity, Q2Mark was founded by leading marketing and communication executive Susie Hays. She realized most businesses hire inexperienced technicians to handle their marketing, someone who either concentrates on one niche (SEO, Facebook Ads, social media marketing, etc.) or junior-level marketers who can manage production and execution but don’t understand proven holistic strategies or have the experience needed. Sure, this might save on costs, but these marketers don’t see the big picture and don’t offer a comprehensive approach that aligns with overarching business goals. This will lead a business down a path of roadblocks and broken systems, ultimately resulting in stagnation. When it comes to marketing, Susie believes a company needs a seasoned executive who has mastered the art and science of marketing while being able to incorporate operational and financial considerations into a growth strategy. This translates into a scalable marketing approach that realizes the goals and vision of a company.

With more than 30 years of experience, Susie operates as an essential representative of executive leadership by utilizing her proficiencies in business strategy and operations to help each company identify its goals, develop plans to overcome obstacles, and achieve measurable profitability and success. Susie has been VP and CMO for several global SMBs and has managed successful agencies. She has skillfully worked with multiple companies at one time, helping CEOs realize their vision for growth. TrustPeer has recognized Susie as a Marketing Communications expert in B2B Health and Wellness and has achieved a Digital Marketer Professional Certificate in Marketing: Head of Marketing. Susie has over 20 years of experience in executive-level operation leadership and as head of marketing. She also has strong financial and business acumen with a proven track record of accomplishments in the field.

Susie passionately advocates customer-centricity and leverages competitive intelligence techniques. Securing prosperous brand awareness through powerful campaigns, effective lead generation tools, and surpassing corporate goals is nothing new for Susie and her firm, Q2Mark. Distinguished consulting initiatives and marketing communications include work for HORN, Solazyme Health Sciences, Bledsoe Brace Systems, United Orthopedic Group, Viscent Orthopedic Solutions, KonaRed, Mold Inspection Sciences, Mold Inspection Sciences Texas, Absolute Trust Counsel, Ombudsman Services of Contra Costa Solano and Alameda, Empowered Aging, Respite for All, White Pony Express, Del Monte Group, AIDP, Nutralliance, and John Muir Health Foundation, among other global accounts.


Given Susie’s results for brands across multiple global segments – from ingredients to consumer goods, TrustedPeer has recognized Susie as a marketing communication expert for the health and wellness industry.


As vice president of marketing and communications for B&D Nutritional Ingredients, Susie Hays provided leadership in reaching corporate revenue objectives by conceptualizing and driving corporate branding, communications, social media activities, and a full spectrum of integrated marketing efforts. With years of experience and backed by proven results, she is the expert marketing strategist recognized for creating and executing innovative industry outreach campaigns and stewarding B2B and B2C marketing strategies to ensure strong connections with customers, principals, and industry leaders.


Prior to joining B&D, Susie served as VP of marketing for Viscent and spent several years with Danhausen Group, a boutique full-service marketing agency. At Danhausen, Susie developed and managed highly successful programs and business initiatives for Kwikset, John Wayne Airport, Shea Financial Services, Brookfield Homes, HP, H&R Block, and Deloitte & Touche.


Committed to contributing to the community and mentoring young professionals, Susie has been actively involved with numerous organizations, including a founding member of the Social Media Marketing Society, serving on the board of the AdClub and Advertising Production Association and the Council for Responsible Nutrition’s National Communications and Outreach Committee.


In addition, she teaches Meet the Master art classes to elementary students. She donates design and marketing communication services to local organizations. Susie received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of California Irvine.


She lives in Orange County with her fiancé and has a hidden talent for voice-over work.


  • Beverage World BevStar Award
  • Benny Award
  • Gourmet Retailer
  • SupplySide West CPG Editor’s Choice Award
  • LogoLounge
  • Pratt

  • The San Diego Museum of Art
  • The San Diego Fair
  • University California Irvine
  • Alastair Cook
  • California Redevelopment Association
  • The SCAN Foundation

Meet Your Director of Copywriting and Social Media


Meet Taylor Williams. A copywriter, storyteller, content marketer, social media specialist, and messaging strategist with more than a decade of writing experience. Since joining the Q2Mark team in 2016 and becoming a business partner, Taylor has had a hand in developing digital marketing strategies and executing funnels that helped individuals and their businesses clarify their marketing messages, build community, gain new audiences, expand their reach, and create greater impact.


From B2B to B2C – regardless of the market or target audiences, Taylor effectively moves an audience by taking highly dense subjects – medical/health, nonprofit, fundraising, financial, etc., and creates copy that consumers understand, connecting to their emotions and prompting them to take action.


A ghostwriter for many clients, Taylor’s wheelhouse of work includes script writing (podcast, speeches, etc.), ads, sales copy, blog posts, e-books, website copy, articles, testimonials, press releases, pitches, surveys, lead magnets, email copy, social media promotions, and more. In addition to her zest for writing, she loves technology. She is always researching and experimenting with new tools and platforms to help drive efficiencies and build the Q2Mark tech stack.


When Taylor logs off, you can find her doing dance cardio or weightlifting at the gym, binge-watching thrillers on Netflix, cheering on the Georgia Bulldogs during football season, or spending time with her family and French Bulldog, Scooter, at the beach.

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