Successfully Grown Over 100 Brand Leaders

I provide leadership and tailored marketing communications to launch start-ups, energize stagnant businesses, and scale category pioneers.

Q2Mark was founded 20 years ago based on the idea that SMBs need CMO-level marketing expertise to lead their marketing strategies for faster, more effective results. Typically, however, most companies can’t afford a full-time hire. 


My fractional CMO solution provides seasoned expertise to solve big problems as a hands-on advisor, trusted partner, and if needed, tactical implementor. 


If you’re ready to gain clarity and learn more about how I can help you grow your business profitably, let’s talk.

Do Any of these Strike a Chord?

  • You are uncertain about the effectiveness of your marketing tactics. Without comprehensive tracking mechanisms, you can’t connect the dots to see where your campaigns produce results, so you don’t know how to spend your budget wisely.
  • Your demand or lead generation is inconsistent or unpredictable at best. You’ve been on a roller coaster of positive and negative months, and all you want is stable and reliable results.
  • You lack a clear, well-defined growth strategy. Your current marketing approach lacks cohesiveness, resulting in a disjointed application of your plan.
  • You don’t have the knowledge or expertise to know where to begin. While you’re eager for growth, you don’t know how to move forward – who the right talent is to hire or where to effectively allocate resources.

Meet Your Fractional CMO and Q2Mark Founder, Susie Hays

Skilled in building high-performing marketing systems and proficient teams that drive predictable and repeatable revenue.


Expert in the health and wellness industry, raising companies with an annual revenue of $2M -$50M who want profitable top-line growth.


Recognized by TrustedPeer® as a B2B Health and Wellness Authority.


Head of Marketing Certified by DigitalMarketer.


Active Member of CMOx.


A storied career leading rebranding initiatives and building brands from the ground up. 


I believe that marketing is a unique blend of art and science, and I possess a deep understanding of unearthing what resonates with a specified target audience at every point of engagement.

Here’s What a Fractional CMO Brings to the Table…


A Q2Mark Fractional CMO serves as a part-time executive, functioning with the same level of commitment and expertise as a full-time CMO. I will take responsibility for your marketing outcomes and oversee the day-to-day management of your marketing team.

Areas of Operation Include:

  • Developing a comprehensive marketing strategy.
  • Establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) and reporting mechanisms to track results and identify areas for improvement.
  • Defines strategic positioning communications to effectively communicate your brand’s value proposition. 
  • Develops a well-defined marketing and sales systems map to ensure all team members are working towards unified objectives.
  • Identifies the most profitable campaigns and channels for your business. 
  • Leads the marketing team, maintaining accountability for progress by conducting weekly sprint planning and review calls.
  • Recruits and hires marketing vendors, employees, and contractors as needed to execute marketing initiatives.
  • Establishes efficient systems and processes through a proven methodology for your team to follow.
  • Assists in selecting and implementing appropriate marketing technology to scale your tech stack. 
  • Collaborates with your sales leader to bridge any gaps between marketing and sales. 
  • Helps your business achieve long-term growth while minimizing financial risks.

World-Class Brands Susie Has Helped to Make Their Mark

Industry Leadership Starts from the Inside

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Our Services

Confidently Reach Your Profit Goals with Tried-and-True Senior Marketing Leadership

Marketing Strategy

Discover how to realign business goals with marketing opportunities to get your growth trajectory back on track.

Fractional CMO

Engage Susie as your part-time executive lead to manage accountability and the progress of your in-house or Q2Mark creative team.

Advisory and Coaching

Learn how to become proficient in implementing a strategic marketing approach with Susie as your confidant.

Marketing Services

Activate your marketing strategy with our done-for-you agency services.

Proof Is in the Results, but Don’t Take Our Word for it. We’ll Let Our Clients Do the Talking.

Accolades and Recognition

The Meaning Behind Our Name and Logo

The perfect marketing strategy balances creativity and analysis, intuition and data, emotions, and logic. This blend of artistic and scientific attributes is, and will always be, the formula for long-term marketing success.


Q2Mark, as a name and logo, expresses who we are, what we do, and what inspires us. We harness art and science to create and empower brands customers love and to make their mark.

Changing the Way Coffee Buffs Cold Brew

Award Winning Innovation Against Critical Market and Consumer Trends


“Susie constantly brings new and innovative ideas to our creative discussions and is then able to correlate those to our marketing and sales strategies. Her ability to see the big picture, ask the right questions and then deliver amazing marketing pieces, strategies, and solutions is what makes her an amazing asset to any company.”


Kyle Redfield
President and Chief Operating Officer
KonaRed Corporation


Why a Fractional CMO is Right for You

  • If there is a hole in your leadership. Do you lack an experienced leader for your marketing team? Has the burden of managing the marketing department fallen on your shoulders? You may recognize the need for a growth-focused leader but are hesitant to fill a full-time position. 
  • If you’re not tracking any KPIs or don’t know which to track and have no reporting system in place to monitor the health and progress of your work. 
  • Limited or no marketing strategy in place. 
  • Relying on referrals or networking at industry events to bring in new leads. 
  • You know the value of your product or service far exceeds what’s out there, but you don’t know how to differentiate yourself from competitors and stay ahead of the curve. 
  • Or, maybe it’s a combination of too many elements, and you just need help.

Your First Steps to Success

Our Process and How to Get Started

Step 1: Schedule a 30-minute Triage Call 

This introductory meeting helps to ensure a Fractional CMO is the right fit for your business.


Step 2: Marketing Strategy Session 

Next, we’ll have a longer call to discuss your business needs. I’ll then share my proposed recommendations for our work together and send a proposal. 


Step 3: Marketing Impact

Finally, we will decide which partnership path to move forward with and the next steps to executing your customized marketing plan for brand transformation.

Unlock the Marketing Expertise and Guidance You Need for Predictable, Profitable, and Scalable Results

It’s time to hand over the reins and see what effective forward progress looks like with battle-tested marketing leadership. Not only will you free up your time, but you’ll finally see and feel what it’s like to have a greater return on your marketing budget and bottom line.