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Niche Marketplace Ecommerce Platform Innovation Recognition

Experienced Marketing and Communications Direction Builds Brand Awareness and Industry Trust for Leading E-commerce Ingredient Platform

ObjectiveDefining Innovative Services and Highlighting Company Expertise

Founded in 2017, Infield Market is a leading B2B e-commerce platform that brings buying and selling closer to decision makers. Co-founder and President Tim Intfen harnessed his more than 15 years of sales expertise in the nutrition and food industry to create and pioneer his industry’s e-commerce platform. Infield Market’s IM Direct is home to top-of-the-line, high-quality ingredients directly from manufacturers. Infield Market also provides services to customers who are sitting on excess materials by offering a transparent ingredient marketplace showing inventory availability in real time. This solution lends itself to increased supply chain efficiency, sustainability, and waste reduction. In addition to fast buying and selling, Infield Market offers primed marketing and sales results for entities in the animal nutrition, food and beverage, nutraceutical and cosmetic spaces. Visit www.infieldmarket.com for more.



The Challenge   

From my years as a health and wellness ingredient marketing expert, I can confirm that the industry has been a little bit slower to adopt e-commerce capabilities. The traveling salesman working the face-to-face mastery is a trusted standard. Tim, a salesman himself, understood this better than anyone and saw the market pressures that companies were facing when it came to buying, selling, and moving excess ingredients. Tim is one of the first and few who have invested in an online marketplace experience that the industry as a whole has been otherwise talking about for years. The problem was that he needed seasoned marketing experience to help him more clearly define business goals, and he needed a content strategy that helped Infield Market express precisely who it was and what it did. Ultimately, he needed to build credibility and trust from the expertise that was already there.



Defining Expertise

When starting with Infield Market, it was apparent right from the start that Infield Market had a cutting-edge platform, but its consumers didn’t really understand who the company was, what its offerings were, and how it brings benefits to its consumers. Basically, it needed to define its sales model for buyers of raw materials, buyers of excess products, and its vendors wanting to resell ingredients to IM’s databases.




Client Communications

With a startup like Infield Market, a good pitch simply means the difference between doing business or not. We had to speak to innovation. We had to talk to the challenges our target companies were facing. We had to build the trust needed for Infield Market to do business. Our goal when coaching on all types of client communications is to appear polished, clear, concise, consistent, and of course, compelling. I worked to refine Tim’s pitch material, developing updated presentations demonstrating Infield Market strengths and benefits. I also implemented coaching tactics to enhance Tim’s speaking skills when presenting Infield Market to prospects.




Raw Insights


Content Strategy – Blog, Email, Social Media

The Infield Market e-commerce platform was leveraged to demonstrate expertise, authority, and brand awareness, developing a dialogue for reducing waste and expanding sales opportunities. The Q2Mark team

  • Developed and published timely industry-related articles that would attract attention by speaking to audience pain points.
  • Published evergreen blog posts related to the Infield Market platform, the new way to buy and sell ingredients to help build trust and provide greater value – while helping with SEO tactics.
  • Launched Raw Insights, the Infield Market blog, and in addition, produced the first audio blog interview with a new business partner.
  • Developed social media campaigns that drove significant traffic back to the Infield Market platform.
  • Developed monthly social media content that spoke to successes of Infield Market moving excess ingredients.
  • Developed monthly social media holiday promos to encourage further engagement.
  • Pushed out monthly newsletters that highlighted new partnerships and new ingredients available, and that covered recently published articles, once again driving traffic back to the Infield Market platform.






For Infield Market, any media coverage is good media coverage. While Tim had previously been featured on a podcast to discuss Infield Market for its suitability aspects, we wanted to look at other media opportunities that continued to help build credibility. We worked to capitalize on new business partnerships and new ingredients with big-name brands or ingredients that were trending. We developed and distributed a series of press releases to top industry publications, including NutraIngredients-USA, Nutraceutical Business Review, and Natural Product Insider, to name a few.




Growth Results 

By developing and implementing strategies that defined who Infield Market was and why the platform and expertise were a real innovation in the raw material and ingredient marketplace, Tim was able to establish new business goals that would help the e-commerce platform move forward in driving new business leads and opportunities.




The Importance of Words

Publishing content that spoke to pain points demonstrated innovation and expertise and built credibility by highlighting new partnerships and business moves, which resulted in industry-wide recognition.

My client communications strategies helped Infield Market secure a new vendor partnership with Canada-based CK Nutraceuticals.

The implemented public relations strategy resulted in PR pickup in top industry publications, including Nutraceutical Business Review and NutraIngredients-USA.

The big push with social media, blogs, and email content saw significant spikes in traffic back to InfieldMarket.com and helped cultivate community, identity, and loyal audiences across the various Infield web presences.








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