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Breaking a Better Solution Away from the Pack


Specialized Roofing and Waterproofing Coating Company Appoints Proven Marketing Expertise to Fix Infrastructure and for Growth


“Before we began working with Susie, SureCoat Systems struggled to stand out in the marketplace. Our grassroots marketing efforts and expertise seemed to reach a limit. We knew we had a one-of-a-kind products but couldn’t quite find the strategy implementation needed to move us forward. Our target markets didn’t understand the technology behind SureCoat Systems, which made our products superior to others, and, as a result, saw us as just another name on the shelf in an already competitive market. After meeting with Susie, I knew we were on the right track. She did a full audit of our business to see where the holes were and then presented super smart, creative, and spot-on recommendations to bring forth our product line’s advantages and educate both businesses and consumers. Our work together was a true success. Susie helped us double our business and yield continuous ROI that we see to this day. I 100% recommend Susie and her team at Q2Mark. They are hard-working, positive, reliable, and very effective. When you work with Susie, you won’t be sorry!”


Jesse Martinson

Owner and President

SureCoat Systems

Marketing Strategies that are a Sure Bet to Drive Growth and Industry Recognition

Proven part-time CMO management and execution for marketing, sales, business strategy, coaching, implementation, and training redefined the SureCoat structure from the ground up, effectively and efficiently enabling new business growth.


• 200% Increase in Revenue
• 500% Increase in Lead Generation Webinar

Objective: Invent and Implement Client Attraction Systems and Strong Brand Identity

SureCoat Systems is the ONLY waterproof liquid single-ply coating on the market that is renewable for the life of the building. Jesse Martinson, president of JemStar Construction and innovator behind SureCoat Systems, started in the construction industry at the auspicious age of 17. He worked in the family business learning to build new things and perfecting each skill set until one day he was needed to take over for his stepfather, who had taken ill. Set on a new path, Jesse embraced his new position with a passion and drive to provide the industry with honest and professional work, and took the next logical step by starting his own company.

In the late ‘90s, Jesse saw a need emerging in the industry. As a contractor, he was buying roofing and waterproofing materials, and the majority of these products were not performing as they were marketed or promised to deliver. When angry customers and failed products came to rise, he found out the hard way that the big box companies have big departments telling you a product will do something and when it doesn’t, they have even bigger departments to tell you what they’re going to do to fix it, which is usually nothing. He was frustrated and not to mention liable for big projects and even BIGGER money, with no solution. So he found one for himself. When working on formulating a reliable product, a leader in the marine waterproofing industry approached Jesse. Harnessing the strongest attributes of marine waterproofing materials, applications, and formulations while leveraging Jesse’s proven construction practices answered the need to coating failures. And with that, a beautiful sticky white goo known as SureCoat was born.


SureCoat was created with the focus of serving the multibillion-dollar coating industry with a product that is reliable and a company focus that supplies unwavering support for its customers and clients. Today, SureCoat is the best product on the market with the proven field testing to back it up. For more on SureCoat Systems, visit www.SureCoatSystems.com.

The Challenge   

Before the Q2Mark team started working with SureCoat Systems, it followed grassroots marketing efforts to compete in its marketplace, and it invested in in-depth one-on-one product specialist sales calls to educate potential customers on SureCoat’s product line. The technical expertise behind SureCoat Systems engineered superior product quality, field-tested experiences, performance warranty, and trustworthy approach were the lifeblood of the company.


Unfortunately, those marketing strategies and tactics didn’t set SureCoat apart from its competition, and they weren’t speaking to the pain points or goals of its target audience. This meant consumers couldn’t distinguish SureCoat Systems as the best solution for their waterproofing needs. And because SureCoat’s marketing efforts look similar to all of the other restoration systems for flat and low-sloped roofs, walls, and concrete/masonry, it wasn’t recognized as the best product on the market, and more time was invested on technical phone calls – thus impacting the company’s growth.



Sales Tool Tune-Up  

To sell your product or service, you’ll want to have a compelling core offer. This will become a focus of many, if not all, of your marketing campaigns moving forward.


To make SureCoat stand out, I pitched and implemented website messaging and literature updates speaking to its audiences’ needs and highlighting its unique approach to waterproofing. This included new photography, which Q2Mark captured of SureCoat’s staff, products, and lifestyle imagery.


SureCoat had a relatively small sale administrative team needing attention and training. There were inefficiencies in specific processes and procedures that hindered the team’s ability to nurture relationships and leads and to secure business. Management of these efforts was key to a transition in its business model.


Communication is essential in all aspects of life, but especially when it comes to acquiring business. I worked to refine client and prospect communication tactics to demonstrate the team’s expertise and to ensure the team could offer results that spoke to its prospects’ priorities, questions, and concerns, but also aligned with our goals to boost business.


I worked to develop, design, and publish lead magnets (meaningful freebies) that SureCoat could offer to visitors in exchange for their information, ultimately working to convert those visitors into customers. We continued implementation by working to update its graphics and video content with calls-to-action, links, copy, tags, and other pertinent content that continued to grab the audience’s attention.

Priming Processes and Procedures

When I started working with SureCoat’s staff, it was clear that its marketing and sales procedures were primarily manual-based and took too much time to implement. As a result, the staff was missing business development opportunities. To solve this problem, our Q2Mark team built new automated systems and I trained SureCoat’s staff on how to manage and utilize the streamlined and new time-saving structure.


Shoring Up Contractor Training

I loved that SureCoat’s original marketing strategy encompassed training classes for contractors. These events helped convert more customers. However, the sessions were too long, they only attracted local contractors, and they didn’t capitalize on how SureCoat’s products could help contractors grow their business effectively. My big idea was to expand this training, so I pitched and crafted webinars to reach audiences across the US, making the content accessible for all contractors who were in the market for a proven solution. Our webinars included a comprehensive follow-up marketing campaign to support sales efforts – resulting in achieving a record-breaking number of leads for SureCoat and its industry media partner.


And, to help build social proof for SureCoat with contractors, I featured SureCoat contractor clients nationwide across social media, email campaigns, and on its website.


Leadership Standards

Without a doubt, SureCoat is a product leader, but it wasn’t mirroring its authority in its industry. To start, SureCoat needed to get out, literally. I developed systems to have a sales team representative attend industry events for greater visibility, networking opportunities, and building awareness – accompanied with additional marketing strategies before and after the appearance. Our efforts incorporated media outreach for SureCoat Systems innovator Jesse Martinson – publishing industry articles for niche media outlets and hosting webinars with industry publications.


Nurturing the Sales Team

With the implementation of new training tools and the execution of process automation, it was time to dive a little further into nurturing the sales team. I worked to develop a new job posting and used it as a marketing tactic via LinkedIn and across other digital platforms. When potential employees started applying, I also assisted in helping source talent to ensure those we were hiring aligned with the evolving company culture efforts.

Expanded Distribution Channels

SureCoat had developed repair kits, a great tool for small repair jobs and consumers looking to do DIY repair work. The problem was it wasn’t advertising and speaking to the ease and advantage of having these kits on hand. It also was selling the kits exclusively on Shopify. I pitched the idea to expand distribution channels and to revamp labeling. The new designs we developed had stronger messaging and were easier to read. We published PR, social media, and email campaigns for greater visibility.



Fired Up for Field Tested

With great success behind the podcast Q2Mark developed and produced for our attorney client, I saw that SureCoat Systems had the same opportunities for success. I pitched the idea, and the team agreed. SureCoat innovator Jesse Martinson had the unique voice and stories needed, and a podcast would give him the opportunity to share those stories, inspire, and motivate while being helpful and entertaining in the niche market for restoration roofing systems, walls, and the concrete/masonry industry. This platform would also speak to our strategy of demonstrating the SureCoat expertise, proven solutions, and results. This podcast was geared toward building up the SureCoat audiences while gaining its own recognized authority and credibility among national contractors and other industry rock stars.

Growth Results 

Outsourcing a proven part-time marketing, sales, and management executive for consultation, strategy, coaching, implementation, and training services redefined the SureCoat Systems structure both internally and externally, ultimately enabling new business growth.


Show Us the Sales

Working to revise and implement new sales tools, processes, and procedures, and taking the time to support the sales team, offered increased business opportunity and team advancement. As trust and relationships started to grow, commitment also started to grow, ultimately leading to a boost in SureCoat becoming the trusted business solution among prospects.


Tip-Top Training

With my proposed refinements implemented to the approved contractor training program, we saw a huge boost in class attendance. We also were able to secure SureCoat Systems a live tabletop demonstration event at a local roofing supply company. Our presentation included free coffee and donuts, a raffle giveaway, and samples of the SureCoat product to help demonstrate the


Industry Leader Made

While working to demonstrate SureCoat Systems as an industry leader, we hit a few big home runs, specifically with industry publication Roofers Coffee Shop. We were able to secure a webinar for Jesse to host discussing the SureCoat Systems Service and Maintenance program, which offers contractors a tremendous opportunity to boost their business. We also developed specific advertisements for the Roofers Coffee Shop audience and saw several pieces of our evergreen content pushed to their website.


The Kit Kraze

We were successful in building an Amazon shop for SureCoat Systems specifically to sell its kits, and we also were able to add the kits to its Facebook shop page, successfully expanding the distribution channel twofold. Q2Mark also launched a campaign promoting the SureCoat kits via social media, blog, email, and on industry publication Roofers Coffee Shop.


The Unique Platform Opportunity

Since launching the SureCoat Systems podcast Field Tested only a few short months ago, we have 119 unique downloads (pulled from Libsyn) and we’re successfully streaming on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and Libsyn.






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