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Third-Party Tested and Certified CBD Distributor Seeks Outsourced CMO Expertise to Home in on Business Growth and Brand Identity

Jenna Roripaugh, Lulevida
“I have been selling a third-party tested and certified CBD product line locally in Oceanside, California, for a while now, but knew it was time to branch out and GROW my business. The problem was I didn’t know much about marketing and some of the business practices needed to expand. Needing the help of a proven expert, I turned to my lifelong friend, Susie Caldwell Hays, and her agency, Q2Mark, to help bring my brand to life.


The Q2Mark team was very supportive of our budgets and timelines to launch. What’s more, Susie and her team added SO much extra value at every stage of our engagement – business recommendations, distribution strategies, platform training, and a bevy of tips, tools, and resources to ensure continued success.


Our Q2Mark account executive and director of content was Taylor Williams. She was terrific to work with, and we were impressed with her ability to bring our thoughts and ideas to life, turning them into effective messaging for our audience. 


We greatly appreciate all of Q2Mark’s creativity, expertise, and marketing know-how. I’m excited about the new business opportunity my brand now has to offer!”

Jenna Roripaugh



Objective: Defining Products and Services, and Boosting Business Marketing Practices to Reach Target Niche Audiences

LuleVida was founded on the principle that nature nurtures. The mission at LuleVida is to build a community that is knowledgeable and understands firsthand how full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD can enhance and improve the quality of life.


In 2012, after a major head and neck injury, Vallie Gilley endured many years of pain and suffering, making life unbearable in so many ways. Because she is allergic to aspirin, and most prescription pain medications, the thought of living without debilitating pain was only a dream. Vallie was introduced to CBD two years into her recovery and never looked back. She became committed to finding the highest quality, most effective products available and knew she needed to share them and her story to help others.


In 2018, Jenna Roripaugh joined team LuleVida after experiencing the same amazing results. She had been suffering from arthritis in her shoulders and knees and found it increasingly harder and more painful to move. Just one month after using LuleVida, the pain significantly decreased, and her range of motion was greatly improved. She also noticed an overall sense of calm and found it easier to handle the stress of her busy life as a single mother of three teenagers.




The Challenge   

With a reputable brand of CBD that is third-party tested and certified, LuleVida had the right edge. The product line was reputable, and it worked. LuleVida was a local business in Oceanside, California, that thrived on in-home parties and word-of-mouth business. The problem was it had no website, and no cohesive marketing plan. The team had a great logo and color pallet, but its touch points lacked the use of strong branding for recognition.


LuleVida needed to create a community of customers to drive both new and repeat sales. It needed a marketing plan that would allow the customer to be the sales force and it needed to use its brand identity as a strength to help it reach further than just word of mouth.




Turning to the Right Expertise  

In need of experience, creativity, and marketing know-how, Jenna turned to lifelong friend and outsourced chief marketing officer Susie Caldwell Hays to bring the brand to life.




Expanding Sales Channels

As you might know, a website with an online shop can boost sales. More importantly, a website helps you build credibility with your audiences. Our Q2Mark team developed a simple yet effective website that educated clients on CBD and why the LuleVida product line was worth the investment, and we built an online store where the products could be displayed in more detail. We incorporated the use of the brand colors and their cool logo, and we worked to demonstrate the LuleVida lifestyle through select imagery.

See the LuleVida Lifestyle

Since in-home parties are a core part of LuleVida, it need the right collateral to enhance its expertise and the lifestyle of the brand. We worked to revamp the business cards, once again playing up the fresh logo and branding elements. We then moved on to developing a new informational postcard and redeveloping the order form with tactical sales copy to make this collateral valuable and engaging.




Digital Community Growth

Developing a landing page and online store for LuleVida was just the first step for its digital growth. The next step was to polish its email. We developed a branded MailChimp template the team could use for client communications and an editable PDF party invitation that the team or the party host could update for the event.




Sharing Socially

Now, what’s any business without social media? LuleVida already had Facebook and Instagram profiles, but both platforms needed rebranding. We updated its profiles with new branded imagery and bio copy that positioned LuleVida as the CBD expert it is. When initially speaking to Jenna and Vallie, they emphasized cultivating community. With this in mind, I proposed developing a Facebook group. Jenna and Vallie loved the idea and thus Life with LuleVida was born. We developed the group from scratch, implementing the community guidelines, rules, regulations, and of course, branding.




Strategies to Keep Business Full Steam Ahead

Part of a cohesive marketing plan is, of course, analyzing both the external and internal business environments, investigating the performance of the current marketing efforts and processes, and ultimately providing lasting systematic approaches to keep a business running. I provided Jenna and the LuleVida team with a tremendous number of extra tools, resources, strategies, and business training information every step of the way, exceeding project expectation.




Growth Results 

I implemented creative marketing and consulting services that gave LuleVida the identity it was missing and the lifestyle branding needed to resonate with its niche audiences, and I shared a toolkit of resources and tactics for continued business success.




The Big Reveal

Using its newly minted business and marketing tools, LuleVida held a launch party at a local coffee shop in Oceanside where it delivered value, expertise, and the LuleVida lifestyle smartly and effectively to its clientele, immediately seeing a boost in business and awareness of its brand.








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