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Specialized International Botanical Extract Manufacturer Secures Proven Marketing Solutions Expertise to Gain Exposure and Enter U.S. Markets 

Objective: U.S. Marketplace Coverage 

Established in 2000, JavaPlant is an Indonesian-based company specializing in Indonesian-origin botanical extract manufacturing. JavaPlant was the first to introduce vacuum dried extract supplying both domestic and international markets. Shortly after opening, the company implemented quadra percolation, vacuum evaporation, and vacuum drying systems to its production capabilities with three production facilities in place, they were able to produce a minimum of 200,000 kilograms of botanical extracts per year to supply to nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, functional food, and nutritional beverages. JavaPlant has become the first and the only manufacturer in Indonesia to adopt these state of the art extraction methods.

Susie + Junius
International Business Hurdles  

JavaPlant is a sophisticated state-of-the-art company with an incredible facility. The owner and Chief Operating Officer, Junius Rahardjo, makes an impressive effort to invest in his workplace facilities and manufacturing to an exceptional pharmaceutical-grade standard. The problem was that their company and first-class capabilities were essentially unknown internationally, particularly in the U.S. market. They needed to gain exposure and credibility to increase U.S. awareness, capture leads and increase sales: and they needed a single proven marketing source to do it.

Tactics to Hit Our Mark  

I have an extensive track record of providing innovative marketing solutions and expert business development for companies in the industry. When Junius met me, he was impressed with my knowledge and creative vision, and he viewed my talents as something that would carry JavaPlant to the U.S. marketplace and uncover their true potential internationally. 



Seeing the Standards  

Because I took the time to get to know the client in a way that helped me understand just how exceptional their business is, I already several tactics in mind. In order to bring JavaPlant to new markets, our big idea was to bring people to JavaPlant – they needed to see for themselves how JavaPlant’s manufacturing defies standards.  


I proposed a PR campaign that began with distributing videos through various tactics to take viewers through their plant and demonstrate JavaPlant’s sophisticated process and unique approach to extract manufacturing in Indonesia.  



Cue PR Part 2 

The expertise I bring with Q2Mark comes from my 25 years of marketing and communications experience.  I’ve done a lot of PR in this specific industry, and I have been very successful at securing free press for clients launching new products, ingredients, innovations, and companies.  


Next, I pitched an invite to one of the best industry news sources and offered them a novel interview experience at JavaPlant’s stellar manufacturing facility and beautiful corporate office in Indonesia. Junius thrilled the editor with all the wonders of Jakata and JavaPlant’s expertise.  




While implementing these other strategies, and to further spread awareness, I secured an editorial contribution for JavaPlant. I wrote, designed and produced a full-page print ad including key imagery, content and a branded QR code linking back to JavaPlant’s video demonstrating their remarkable capabilities, manufacturing processes and unique approach.  




My innovative and proven marketing solutions brought awareness, exposure and credibility to JavaPlant in the international U.S. marketplace.

Hit a Homerun

My PR pitch secured a huge opportunity. NutraIngredients’ editor came to visit JavaPlant for a tour and interview with company COO Junius Rahardjo. The tour offered a fantastic photo op. JavaPlant’s corporate facility is filled with award winning artwork – and their plant with state-of-the art equipment became the subject for many featured photos. 


In addition, no extra media or PR fees were incurred by JavaPlant, and the article was released via William Reed’s Asia-targeted audience and their U.S. database of about 40,000 contacts. Free publicity for the win!  


I also supported the release with social media posts via Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn, reaching an additional 5,900+ NutraIngredients contacts. 




Reached Our Mark… and Then Some 

I specially crafted a print ad that included a branded QR Code brought the view right back to the company’s U.S. partner and distributor website, B&D Nutritional Ingredients, which hosted JavaPlant’s promotional video and allowed ROI tracking. These efforts resulted in great exposure, increased web traffic with more than 4,500 video views and ultimately boosted sales.








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