Cantada Square

My Artwork Becomes an Award-Winning Business Sales Tool  


Susie Hays Art and Design Work Customized into Business Tools and a New Housing Projects Logo

The Anaheim, CA’s Redevelopment Agency was awarded a California Redevelopment Association (CRA) Award of Excellence for its successful redevelopment project—Brookfield Homes’ Cantada Square, a 41-unit, high-quality, residential development with 20 units reserved for low- and moderate-income families in West Anaheim. The project was the winner in the Single-Family Residential category and is one of 11 projects honored this year for major contributions to California communities.

Objective: Custom In-House Art Logo Design 

Brookfield Residential Properties Inc. (Formerly Brookfield Homes) is a leading North American land developer and homebuilder with operations in strategic major markets. They entitle and develop land to create master-planned communities,  build and sell lots to third-party builders as well as to their own homebuilding division. In addition, they also participate in selected, strategic real estate opportunities, including infill projects, mixed-use developments, infrastructure projects, and joint ventures.

The Challenge 

The revitalization of west Anaheim was a huge project, but one that was slated to do great things for that part of the city. The client was already moving forward with plans and had already named this new building project Cantada Square. What the project needed was customized artwork and logo to help the business and development project to be perceived as a distinguished community enterprise.  



Strategy and Tactics 

As an award-winning artist, I love to help businesses stand out with customized and cost-effective marketing, communications and advertising pieces. The developers had a great concept in mind for this project site, envisioning a grand outdoor environment with lots of green parks and walkways, an abundance of lush natural space. Always at least one step ahead, I already had the perfect solution in mind.

The Artwork  

The artist in me broke out the acrylic paints and got to work. Focusing on the lush green and the idea/imagery of walkways and beltways throughout the area,  I hand painted a piece of artwork for the Q2Mark client. I used several different techniques–from layering the acrylic paints to implementing a dry effect–which created such dimension. Once completed, the piece came out as a perfect representation of what Cantada Square embodieda natural square, the shape of the property, filled with lush green vegetation and clearly defined arches representing the walkways.  

A Painting Becomes A Business Tool  

The client absolutely LOVED how the piece uniquely represented this new development project. We took this piece of art and moved right into logo creation with the addition of typography and, once approved, into signage applications throughout the entire development project and sales offices.


The success of this project is so great; I used such a depth of range and talents—my own as well as my Q2Mark teammates–to produce a custom and cost-effective piece of art for my client. The artwork uniquely and directly depicts an aerial view of the outdoor environment, the significant development that is Cantada Square.

Commercialization and Collateral  

This piece of artwork is so much more than just painting. It really showed its versatility becoming a logo, signage and, furthermore, business collateral – advertisements, flyers, stationery and brochures. It became the commercialization of a product that ultimately represented one of the developer’s most successful projects yet.





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