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Functional Ingredients Manufacture Hires Freelance Leadership Drives Creative Growth From Within

“I have had the privilege of managing Susie Hays for the last two years. She is a true team player, always coming to the table studied, prepared and with creative ideas and energy to move the project and, indeed, the company to the next level. Susie’s gift is that she develops a vision and will push, pull and conjure to make it a reality.  
I also enjoy her as a colleague, I admire her constitution to push forward on difficult projects yet retain a positive and fun attitude, leaving her team knowing that the result was well worth the effort and that something amazing was created and unleashed on the market.  
Susie has a wonderful eye for design and no detail is missed. She is organized which can be difficult to find in a creative spirit. She has done an amazing job moving B&D’s image to the front of the industry and allowing the personality of the company to come through in our logo, ads, integrated marketing efforts and various PR opportunities.” 

Rebecca Niehus
Director of Marketing & Business Development, AIDP 
President, B&D Nutritional Ingredients                                                                   Director of Technical Sales & Distribution Management,                                 Solazyme, Inc. (Solazyme Roquette Nutritionals)

Objective:  Driving Creative Growth From Within 

AIDP Inc. is a leader in functional ingredients with a focus on extensively researched products. They provide cutting edge solutions that meet consumer demand for wellness and healthy aging. AIDP markets and distributes a variety of branded ingredients for numerous health conditions including cognitive, digestive and bone health. They are leaders in plant-based proteins as well as encapsulation technology. In addition, the company is a supplier of more than 200 commodity ingredients that meet a broad range of formulation needs. Their commitment is to source high-quality ingredients and provide proprietary solutions that address formulation challenges. AIDP’s success is grounded in their depth of experience and commitment to strong science for functional food, nutrition and beverage product development. 


The Challenge   

I met AIDP Director of Marketing and Business development Rebecca Niehus while we were both doing work for B&D Nutritional Ingredients. Rebecca had worked hand-in-hand with me and was familiar with my proven system to develop strong branded ingredients, corporate brand identities and proven business growth within the industry. When Rebecca became the president of B&D, she continued to leverage my talents for more results and successes. When Rebecca moved to AIDP, she realized she needed help focusing the team on creative branding and immediately sought  the expertise I and my company, Q2Mark, have mastered.  


Strategies and Tactics  

I immediately got to work consulting on the new AIDP logo and corporate identity, then branded ingredient products using an integrated approach for lead generation, client acquisition tactics and, as always, worked to ensure maximized ROI and leveraged consistency, all to help build awareness.  


AIDP Logo and Corporate Identity 

The new AIPD logo needed to showcase the pride and commitment AIDP took serving as a trusted industry source for nutritional ingredients. I harnessed creative concepts to announce and launch AIDP’s new brand, “It’s a Brand New Day – Introducing the New Face of AIDP.” This new logo “…represents our promise to continue to provide our customers with expert ingredient knowledge, innovative product solutions, flexible formulations and exceptional customer care. We remain committed to the pursuit of high-quality raw materials that will improve both your customers’ well-being and the overall health of your business.” When done right, a logo should always convey a company’s vision, focus and commitment – this ad campaign did it right.  


Product Ingredient Family 

When the team moved onto AIDP’s products, they focused on branding for these three lead ingredients 

  1. enVantec: enVantec™ was the company’s increased stability, clean-labeling and proprietary micro-encapsulation technology that offered customers “everything they needed without the stuff they don’t” – preservative free, gelatin free, vegan and vegetarian, at a great competitive cost.


  1. calKon: For every two out of three Americans who need to watch their sodium intake, taking care of their joints shouldn’t have to mean putting their hearts at risk. The unique calcium chondroitin formula found in calKon™ provides the joint health benefits of chondroitin without the sodium, and includes a boost of calcium to support healthy bones.


  1. KoAct®: KoAct® is a patented combination of collagen and calcium and is clinically proven in improving bone mineral density better than traditional bone health ingredients. Ideal for active baby boomer women or those concerned with overall bone health. KoAct® drives collagen to the bone matrix providing a stronger more flexible bone.





Campaign Collateral  

Knowing the importance to elevate branded ingredients, the team started from scratch creating a cost-effective, yet impactful type treatment logo for each of the products. I then worked on creating specific branded flyers, print ads, PPt templates and landing pages to house each ingredient’s information – all necessary collateral needed to launch the product line, build awareness, maximize ROI and generate leads. 


With my expert trade show experience, I also designed and executed all trade show booth graphics, promotional giveaways, literature and AIDP’s new line card listing ingredients in a brochure to debut the products at the leading industry event, SupplySide West.  



My consultation brought sound business practices and strategies that produced lots of awareness not only to AIDP as a company, but also in the growth and success to the product launch and development.  


Maximized ROI 

By reusing content from the advertisements and flyers, Q2Mark successfully created other PR communications – email marketing, PPt presentation templates, etc. – as a fully integrated marketing approach for lead generation and client acquisition aimed at maximizing ROI.  






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