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Our Marketing Consultancy Experience Launches New Business 


Entrepreneur Marketing Consultant Builds Business Foundation and Strategy to Launch New Leader in Physician-Formulated Dietary Supplements – Viscent: The Art of Wellness 

“I had the pleasure of working with Susie in my role as Founder/Chairman of Viscent LLC. As a key member of our management team, Susie is a remarkable marketing communications and business development professional. Her mastery of branding expertise, new media, and solid comprehension of business processes brought our company to life and turned our concept into a viable organization. She is an exceptional talent. I’d enthusiastically recommend Susie to anyone seeking marketing advancements at the highest level.”

Dr. Kevin Ellis
Chief Medical Officer
Cigna Medical Group

Objective:  Building a Business

Founded on the four cornerstones of Nutrition, Fitness, Spirit, and Knowledge, Viscent: The Art of Wellness’ main mission was to provide their members with tools needed to pursue optimal personal wellness in body and spirit.

Their program supported a balanced approach to healthy living – one in which enlightenment plays a key role, and body and soul have equal priority. A unique force in today’s healthcare industry, Viscent was born of necessity and will thrive with the passion for giving members a wellness advantage that puts them in control of their own vitality.

The Challenge

A unique nutrition-based wellness company, Viscent was a company where their customers would benefit from having a physician and medical staff on call to assist them in their pursuit of optimal wellness. The founders were a well-seasoned group of veterans with demonstrated success as practitioners and/or experienced in prior ventures within the healthcare industry.


Greg Nelson, one of the founders of Viscent, had the idea to support partner Jazzercise, a $93 million-dollar fitness business with over 8,300 franchises worldwide in 32 countries, by developing a top of the line of dietary supplements and nutritional products and services for their loyal, health conscious and predominantly female following. The challenge with this start-up was the ability to effectively relate, educate, and engage with their target audience. 

Outsource the Build

I have known Greg Nelson for several years. Upon his return to the San Diego area, Greg asked for a meeting to share some of my recent work for potential employment recommendations. During our meeting, he shared his vision for a new company and encouraged me to go out on my own, naming himself as my first client. I was SO honored to have his full confidence and support. So I did some research, then met with Chief Medical Officer Dr. Kevin Ellis and ended up pitching the account – my first client partnership was born.

Ground Work: Alliances and Strategic Positioning

The successes of any business first starting out depends greatly on its approach to marketing, and with Viscent, my Q2Mark team and I were working from the ground floor. We had four months to do in-depth research, develop and launch a business, AND create products and tools necessary to secure sales for our first Jazzercise event with hundreds of Jazzercise instructors and students. 


To start, I worked with Jazzercise’s marketing team to better understand their main target audience — their most loyal instructors and enthusiastic fans. With Jazzercise on board, I then dug into identifying the opportunities and challenges that potentially faced the company while also investigating markets to determine profitability ratios. This was critical for strategic positioning, defining the category that our product and services existed within and, most importantly, mapping our key product benefits and core value propositions.

Brand Development  

When you’re a new player, branding is everything – name, logo, and even your URL need to stand out and really “mean something.” I started by developing the company name, logo, and corporate identity, focusing on creating a brand that would be loved by Jazzercise and their audience.  


The name Viscent was divided from two root words meaning knowledge and light – exactly what the Viscent team wanted to bring to wellness and their clients. From there, I worked with my designer to develop the icon highlighting the “V” to make it very approachable, charismatic and geared toward our target audience – women. We wanted to embody Viscent’s cornerstones of nutrition, fitness, spirit, and knowledge with color, so a golden hue was our answer, bringing a spa-like feel to the brand.


With our branding than in place, I continued to create the rest of Viscent’s identity and marketing platforms – everything from full product development for 16 skews to an e-commerce site, business collateral to tradeshow booth graphics and promotions, public relations to print media, personal brand development to alliance program, email marketing to customer loyalty programs, broadcast media and corporate communications. You name, it we made it happen!

Reliability: Resident Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Kevin Ellis was one of Viscent’s founders, Chairman, Chief Medical Officer and spokesperson for Viscent, interacting with our key target audience daily. For Viscent to be successful, Dr. Ellis needed a personal brand. I worked to make him approachable, loveable, relatable, and, of course, knowledgeable – the Dr. Oz of Viscent.


His photography, videos and live stage appearances in front of thousands of potential customers were key, so my focus was to coach him and position him to have the right delivery, essentially making him the Viscent authority figure.

Product Development

My next project was product development, where I worked to bring our Chief Medical Officer’s vision to life – all phases from inception to packaging and market introduction. We had just a couple of months to make it happen, but we didn’t have the actual product in hand, so our initial design and development phases to showcase the products were all original illustrations – a huge execution, but effective in setting the foundation for our final product launch. We had 16 products Viscent was looking to launch, so I also worked to secure regulatory approvals for packaging and communications as well as pricing and compensation structure for the distribution channels.


E-commerce is all about the viewers experience of generating a sale while developing a relationship with the brand, so my next program plan was to design a lucrative retail channel in an engaging environment. I worked with my team to design and execute the whole e-commerce platform from top to bottom – working out all aspects to develop the strategy and defining metrics for building business through a direct marketing program.

Business Building

Viscent was well on its way, but the business building doesn’t stop just because you’ve hit the market. I implemented overarching administration and operations tactics to ensure the continuation of growth and smooth business management in all departments. I also focused on building business through events, alliances, corporate partnerships, representatives, agents, brokers, retailers, and beyond.

Growth Results

Over four months, I effectively developed, implemented, and executed all aspects of a full scale integrated marketing, product, and business development strategy that launched the brand that is Viscent: The Art of Wellness.

Top Key Achievements:


  1. Secured over 110 agents, 30 retailers, four recruiters, a West Coast broker, and national distributor. 


  1. Entered an alliance with Jazzercise, a multimillion-dollar fitness business, to provide Viscent products and services nationally.


  1. Developed customer base from zero to more than 300 in the first year, then grew that new customer base over 100% within the next seven months.


  1. Increased profit margin by 17% when reallocating fulfillment tasks.


  1. Pioneered company’s entry into e-commerce by leading formation of E-based capabilities including website, e-offers, e-tracking, e-orders, and e-mail marketing.






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Essential Integrated Marketing Tactics that Launch a Business and Brand


In just a few months, Q2Mark developed, implemented, and executed an integrated marketing, business development, and product launch strategy that established the Viscent Art of Wellness brand.


• Entered an Alliance with Jazzercise for Global Distribution


Business and Marketing Insights, Analysis, Strategy Development and Planning

  • SWOT Analysis and Prioritization
  • Business Performance Evaluation – Pricing, Sales, Product Development, Customer Service, Accounting, Culture, Leadership, Customer Retention, Customer Loyalty, Alliances/Partnerships, Vendors, Memberships/Certifications, Partnerships, and Product Refinements
  • Ideation Sessions and Brand Audits
  • Product Development
  • Industry/Category Analysis
  • Market Research and Reports
  • Cultural Analysis and Trend Reports
  • Customer Surveys, Interviews, Research, and Segmentation
  • Revenue and Budgeting Forecasting
  • Focus Groups
  • Product Concept Development, Testing, and Positioning
  • Market Opportunity
  • Target Insight Definition
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy and Tactical Plan
  • Entrepreneurial, Startup, and Business Coaching

Branding and Identity Development

  • Company Naming, Brand Evaluation, and Positioning
  • Mission and Vision Development
  • Logo and Visual Identity Package Creation
  • Tagline and Messaging
  • Guidelines
  • Internal and External Tactics

Campaign Strategy and Execution

  • Print Advertising
  • Promotional Marketing
  • Direct Mail Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing

Lead Generation and Sales Support

  • Lead Identification, Generation, Scoring/Segmentation, and Conversion
  • CRM Platform Evaluation, Process Identification, and Provisioning/Implementation
  • Sales Strategy and Support (Training, Process Mapping, etc.)

Content Creation

  • Copywriting
  • Graphics and Imagery

Product Development

  • Concept Development and Testing
  • Product Naming and Positioning
  • Product Launch Strategy and Campaigns

Creative Services

  • Advertising
  • Brand Identity
  • Brochures
  • Copywriting
  • Custom Presentations
  • Direct Mail
  • Illustrations
  • Logo Design
  • Media Kits
  • Outdoor
  • Packaging and POS
  • Photography
  • Product Launch
  • Promotions
  • Sales Tools and Collateral
  • Tradeshows


  • Case Study Creation and Outreach
  • Campaigns
  • Expert Positioning
  • Events
  • Media Relations and Management
  • Media Kit Development


  • Animation
  • Analytics and Optimization
  • Branded Content Campaigns
  • Content Marketing
  • Database Development
  • Digital and Social Media Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Engagement Campaigns and Giveaways
  • Lead Generation
  • Reporting and Results Analysis
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Audits and Strategy
  • Social Media Community Management
  • Website Design, Development, and Maintenance