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Contract Marketing Leadership Develops Brand Identity Showcasing New Company Built by Well-Seasoned Industry Experts  

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“Although our company has over a half-century of successful business experience, Susie Hays with Q2Mark helped us redefine our marketing strategy and take it to a completely new level. She helped us better understand where the opportunities were and how to reach our target audience through a truly integrated marketing approach.”


John Krier
Vinscent Orthopedic Solutions

Objective:  Business Branding

The Vinscent Orthopedic Solutions mission is to help full-service orthotic practices realize their full potential for patient care and business growth. They own and operate a growing network of orthotic practices, as well as provide practice-consulting services to independent orthotic practices nationwide. With more than 70 years of DME industry experience, the Viscent team possesses both the knowledge and the tools to help full-service orthotic practices realize their goals for improved health care delivery, practice efficiency, and financial performance. Plus, because VOS can monitor the success of their methods through the orthotic practices they own and operate, they can refine their approach to benefit their consulting clients. 

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“I’ve hired Susie Hays four of my businesses and would do it over again. She is an incredible talent, delivers at every turn, and she is an out-of-the box thinker needed for business growth.”


Gregory R. Nelson
Sr. Cofounder of DonJoy Inc., BREG, Inc, and United Orthopedic Group

The Challenge

Viscent Orthopedic Solutions is a subsidiary acquired by parent company United Orthopedic Group. Viscent further acquired brick and mortar companies across the country that provide the most comprehensive orthotic and prosthetic solutions. The problem was they had no brand. While Viscent was a new company, they needed to have a strong identity to demonstrate they weren’t new to the industry. They were experts combining their years of collective success in tested and proven best business practices to uniquely help brick and mortar entities who might be struggling or wanting more growth. 

Lead Acquiring Company

Originally, I had helped build Viscent’s parent company, UOG, from the ground up and rebranded Viscent’s sister company, Bledsoe, so I had a solid understanding of their business model and had successfully implemented strategic marketing, communications, and business tactics. When UOG started acquiring their subsidies, I was asked to create the Viscent brand and help introduce branding cohesiveness within the family.   


Defining Opportunity 

Q2Mark developed keywords to demonstrate Viscent’s vision, purpose, and attributes – meaning beyond the literal definition of their company name and curated a host of keywords that effectively formed the fundamental foundation. These words speak to every facet of Viscent’s promise to both clients and patients, representing a future of all individuals involved with Viscent Orthopedic Solutions.  

Logo Design

This deep fundamental foundation of Viscent was carried through the visual design. Starting with the bold typography of “Viscent,” fostering feelings of experience and success, and the elegant yet distinctive descriptor text of “Orthopedic Solutions” implemented to highlight the human element that is the foundation of all Viscent’s business relationships, whether partner or patient.   


From there, we looked at several logo options and ultimately worked to develop the icon you see standing beside the typography. The Viscent logo was created out of triangles, and diamond shapes that, on the surface, were strategically aligned and engineered to form the “V” for Viscent. Beyond that is seeded a much deeper message. These diamonds and triangles show that Viscent’s services are best in class, while the layering effect conveys their breadth of knowledge, expertise, etc. And that bold, dynamic color pallet? That tells a story of strength, energy, and bold leadership.


Looking to further differentiate the brand, my Q2Mark team and I then proposed and designed special brand collateral that utilized a mix of the bright primary color pallet and the strategic logo components in different ways to drive brand awareness and accreditation. The resulting collateral was like nothing else on the market and effectively set the stage for Viscent’s business launch and growth successes. 


We explored different options to help launch and build awareness around the Viscent brand. The president, John, understood the impact of a strong brand, the importance of building a company culture nationwide, and how vital communication efforts are. So Q2Mark developed a welcome letter and executive summary to support his outreach efforts with companies Viscent was bringing into their portfolio. To keep all current companies engaged and informed, Q2Mark also developed John’s monthly e-newsletter. 

Growth Results

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, no matter what size. An effective strategy gives you a major edge in any number of competitive marketplaces. But what exactly does branding mean? Simply put, it’s your promise to your customer.  


Viscent was unique in that it is made up of smaller localized DME providers across the country to provide and improve services nationwide. However, without a brand, there was no show of commitment or promise to its subsidies or patients.  


In the end, I’m proud to say I took that blank space and implemented a solid, proven strategy to give all relationships with Viscent the dedication and liability they deserved through the beautiful execution of a brand and identity that set them apart in the industry. 





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