Bledsoe Brace Systems

Our Creative Solutions Develop Strong Branded Identities 


Outside Marketing and Communications Leadership Revitalizes Bledsoe Brace Systems Corporate Identity and Business Marketing Propositions 

Chad Nelson
“So here’s the deal: Susie effectively implemented business and creative strategies to rebrand Bledsoe Brace Systems from the ground up. She helped us define our company’s mission, vision, and market differentiation. The impact was amazing. Culturally, the new Bledsoe brand became an identity we all embraced. And the best part? The new branding that Susie implemented for us was so revolutionary that other industry leaders started to rebrand themselves to level up their identities and compete with us. There is no doubt in my mind that I would call Susie again.”


Chad Nelson

Vice President of Sales

Bledsoe Brace Systems

Braced Up for Accelerated Industry Impact

Q2Mark’s outsourced creative execution launched Bledsoe to the top of the industry, resulting in financial gains that exceeded company goals. It drove competitors to reassess their branding to meet the Bledsoe level of quality and expertise, ultimately leading to a merger.

Objective:  Corporate Revitalization 

A reputable name in the orthopedic industry for 30 years, Bledsoe Brace Systems provides innovative, quality products and exceptional service to its customers and its patients. Bledsoe products are used by orthopedic specialists, spine surgeons, primary care physicians, pain management specialists, physical therapists, podiatrists, chiropractors, athletic trainers and other healthcare professionals to treat patients with musculoskeletal conditions resulting from degenerative diseases, deformities, traumatic events and sports-related injuries.

The Challenge  

When new CEO Greg Nelson acquired managing interest in Bledsoe Brace Systems, it was well known that they had great engineering and products. Their corporate identity and marketing, on the other hand, were outdated and not strong enough to carry the Bledsoe name, brand or overall business model to realize the company’s full potential.


Hitting the Mark 

Greg Nelson and I knew one another both personally and professionally. In fact, Greg had hired me as his vice president of marketing to launch and manage one of his previous businesses a few years earlier. So when Greg acquired Bledsoe, he reached out to me again to tap into my talents and best practices to help his growing company achieve its goals. I was thrilled at the opportunity to help bring Greg’s vision and goals to life through my own marketing company, Q2Mark.

B is for Bledsoe  

The Bledsoe executive team wanted a logo that was young, aggressive, and current. Given Bledsoe’s superior strength for engineering, I knew it would be meaningful to mirror this attribute in their corporate identity also. One of the initial concepts I pitched nailed it, and Q2Mark confirmed its potential success through additional concept explorations and market research.  


The final logo is one that features a perfectly designed B for Bledsoe backed with strong texture of layered files and beveled edges to create depth. Then the architectural B was reinforced with a square shape that is well balanced, helps enhance the angled edges of the Bledsoe typography, and brings forth the engineering feel as well as the overall refinement of the custom logo.


Whether you’re launching your business for the first time or relaunching, every touch point of the brand – internally and externally–is crucial to successful business growth. Building positive awareness, increasing industry leadership visibility, acquiring the best talent for your team, establishing greater partnerships, optimization of the product lines and gaining market share all relate to your image and vision. Bledsoe embraced this effective methodology through business development as well as outreach initiatives.


My marketing leadership included a whole branded collateral package, sales tools, promotions, custom presentations, illustrations, catalogues, photography, public relations and digital tactics.

Company Clothing 

Bledsoe was going for a fresh, young hip, sporty aesthetic appeal. After creating such an effective logo, Q2Mark created trendy, well-branded t-shirts, polos and baseball caps. This helped to help spark conversation while identifying the Bledsoe team and associating it with the exceptional work being done behind the brand. Walking billboards increase exposure and keep Bledsoe on everybody’s mind.


With so much excitement about how the Bledsoe logo and branding had turned out – so youthful and contemporary – there was a huge opportunity on which to capitalize going into their trade show event. Q2Mark created several comps of the booth and graphics. The end result was a thoroughly effective theme that highlighted the color red and used several images of athletes in motion, bringing awareness to how Bledsoe supports the “Be Active” lifestyle with the use of their braces and equipment. Embracing their red brand color set the stage for incredible visibility – a strong indicator Bledsoe was a company commanding attention in the industry.


Q2Mark effectively implemented business and creative strategy to rebrand Bledsoe from the ground up, bringing about a strong mission, vision and business model clearly defined through their new logo.

All Eyes On Bledsoe 

The new culture and branding I brought forth got a lot of attention right away. So much so that top competitors, including other orthopedic businesses Greg Nelson created earlier in his legendary orthopedic industry career, started to develop new logos and identities that would bring about the same feel that Bledsoe successfully did and continues to do.





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