United Orthopedic Group

The Right Marketing Leadership Fuels Entrepreneurial Thrill


Contract Marketing Leadership Develops Marketing Platform to Launch Start-Up Business Venture

Joel J. Radtke

“United Ortho was a huge undertaking, I mean we were literally starting from scratch, Greg and I had a need for a marketing structure and platform for our start-up, not to mention the leadership to execute it. Thankfully, Greg had a secret weapon up his sleeve and her name was Susie Hays.  


Susie helped create an environment where anything seems possible. She is smart, methodical and has the skills and insight to drive your company in the right direction with her creative proven marketing and communications efforts. It was as though one day our business ideas were lifted to full steam ahead business growth. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Susie again.”  


Joel Radtke
Chief Financial Officer, Co-Founder
United Orthopedic Group

Objective:  Key Start-Up Elements 

Greg Nelson founded United Orthopedic Group in October 2007 in partnership with Joel Radtke and with start-up financing from Essex Woodlands Health Ventures, one of the nation’s largest healthcare-focused private equity firms. Under Greg’s leadership as Chairman and CEO, UOG has since acquired managing interests in Bledsoe Brace Systems and Viscent Orthopedic Solutions and its related orthotic practices. Through strategic acquisitions like these, UOG is pairing industry-leading manufacturers of orthopedic products with respected orthopedic service providers to help all parties grow their businesses.  


The Challenge

Greg has a huge legacy in building highly successful orthopedic companies from the ground up. An entrepreneur of 30 years and itching for another thrill of helping a growing company hit its full potential, Greg went all in on United Orthopedic Group. But, as a start-up, the need for a marketing platform, and leadership for that matter was a strikingly obvious need to execute their visions.  

Greg 2

“I’ve hired Susie Hays four of my businesses and would do it over again. She is an incredible talent, delivers at every turn, and she is an out-of-the box thinker needed for business growth.”


Gregory R. Nelson,

Sr. Co-Founder of DonJoy Inc., BREG, Inc, and United Orthopedic Group

Outsourcing Success

Greg Nelson and I have known each other for years, both personally and professionally. He has seen my award-winning work and proven strategies succeed time and time again through our work together at various companies. When Greg jumped at the opportunity to grow another orthopedic company, I was honored to be his top choice for marketing leadership. 

United Orthopedic Group – An Identity

The strategy behind this logo was an icon that showed the potential of growth and expansion as United Orthopedic Group acquired and built its subsidiaries. The visual, typography and color pallets deliver a strong corporate brand that the team loved, that elevated UOG as an industry leader and positioned the company as a solution for brick and mortar businesses and orthopedic product manufacturers throughout the U.S. Once approved, the logo was used to build awareness and the UOG culture. We developed both interior and exterior signage for their corporate offices to greet and set a strong presence for each person as they arrived.  


UOG executives were always meeting with potential investors, suppliers, or organizations they might acquire. Once the brand was set in stone, specific business tools were at the top of the production list. I designed and executed a package of branded collateral – comprehensive stationery packages with e-signatures and PPt templates – all-important elements for business growth efforts. Also, we generated branded founder biographies that effectively illustrated their vast, colorful, and successfully minted experiences in the industry.  

 Charted Growth Territories

As UOG started growing, merging and bringing on subsidiaries, it substantially broadened the company’s geographical coverage, product breadth, and financial scale. My business development and account relation tactics were instrumental in the initial business acquisition growth, which helped demonstrate the growth in expansion visuals and graphics branded for UOG. From there I helped work on United Ortho’s daughter companies, bringing cohesive branding elements within the UOG umbrella.

Growth Results

The company successfully acquired 12 companies, including its platform acquisition, Bledsoe Brace Systems, in the first two years. Profits and market share have blossomed, making UOG the acquirer of choice in the market segment attracting high-quality organizations and managers to the rapidly growing UOG family.  


I was successful in executing marketing and communications work that spans across the United Orthopedic Group and its subsidiaries, which has been instrumental in building a strong reputation within the orthopedic industry.  





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