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Our Integrated Marketing Leadership Drives Sales and Meets Revenue Goals 


Seasoned Marketing and Communications Direction Develops New Profit Center and Drives Revenue for Leading Nutritional Ingredients Supplier

“I also enjoy Susie as a colleague, I admire her constitution to push forward on difficult projects yet retain a positive and fun attitude, leaving her team knowing that the result was well worth the effort and that something amazing was created and unleashed on the market. Susie has a wonderful eye for design and no detail is missed. She is organized which can be difficult to find in a creative spirit. She has done an amazing job moving B&D’s image to the front of the industry and allowing the personality of the company to come through in our logo, ads, and various PR opportunities.” 

Rebecca Niehus
B&D Nutritional Ingredients

Objective:  Branding to Benefit Your Principals


Founded in 1993 B&D Nutritional Ingredients is a leader in dietary supplements, functional foods and personal care industries providing manufacturers with premier raw material ingredients of exceptional quality. B&D is committed to providing exactly what our clients need, when they need it addressing all formulation or delivery concerns promptly. B&D is where service, science and innovation converge and possibilities are realized every day. Their strengths create simple, valuable and trusted experiences, and they help turn beneficial ingredients into leading products that help people live healthier lives. For top-quality ingredients with excellent pricing and support, you won’t find a better connection than B&D. 


The Challenge


For more than 13 years, B&D had become a well-respected dietary ingredient supplier on the west coast and had just begun branching out to service the east coast in a new business venture. The challenge that B&D faced was that their overall brand didn’t mirror their image, and the company needed to provide additional resources and value to their principals.  


Reestablishing B&D


Interestingly, I worked in the same office space as B&D Nutritional Ingredients during my work to launch Viscent: Art of Wellness. When I was wrapping up my work with Viscent, B&D president Bill Van Dyke, impressed with the work I had done for Viscent, reached out and asked if I would be interested in helping them with their marketing efforts. The company wanted to create a marketing program to establish a cohesive strategic direction to drive sales and meet revenue objectives. 





Brand Development


Upon starting my work with B&D, I conducted a brand audit and all of my results pointed to  B&D’s good, credible and reliable work and services. They had significant equity in their company name and I knew from my years of agency work it was important for the B&D brand to be relatable and memorable. Instead of changing their name I had a huge idea of how to make it really work for them, an approach that was very new to the B2B category, something I was pioneering within the industry.  


I saw “b” representing all the principal brands, raw material suppliers, and saw the “d” representing the developers of supplements and functional foods, with B&D in the middle driving the two seamlessly together.  








Focusing in on the logo, the B&D icon was chosen to illustrate this connection between brand and developer. The leaf wave seamlessly connects the “b” and “d” to deliberately represent the company’s unbroken stewardship and ongoing dedication to bringing a family of natural high-quality brands to enterprising developers. 

“As the President for Archer Daniels Midland’s Natural Health and Nutrition division, I had the opportunity to work with Susie through our sales and marketing partner B&D Nutritional Ingredients and during industry events. Susie has strategically positioned B&D in the marketplace with memorable marketing communication programs. She is tremendous in helping maximize brand potential and helped B&D and ADM reach our marketing goals. Without reservation, I would recommend Susie to anyone wanting to reach and exceed their marketing goals. She is extremely talented.”

Janice Binger
Archer Daniels Midland’s Natural Health and Nutrition

A Marketing Leader


From their headquarters in Vista, California, I provided hands-on assistance as well as management and leadership. I developed and executed tactics to manage progress and development within the creative teams, outside vendors, and contractors. I even helped clients, the companies purchasing B&D’s ingredients. I marketed their finished products to their consumers – a tactic no one else was offering their buyers.  


A Partial List of B&D Global, Valued Principals Included:  


  • Archer Daniels Midland’s Natural Health and Nutrition: Decatur, IL 
  • Brassica Protection Products: Baltimore, MD 
  • DSM: Parsippany, NJ 
  • Embria Health Sciences: Ankeny, IA 
  • Enzo: New Zealand 
  • Hamari, Japan 
  • Hosoda: Japan 
  • InnoBio: China  
  • Javaplant: Java, Indonesia 
  • Kalsec: Kalamazoo, MI 
  • Kemin Health: Desmoines, IA 
  • KonaRed: Kalaheo, HI 
  • Matsutani: Japan 
  • Polyphenolics: Madera, CA 
  • Sawasabi: New Zealand 
  • Solazyme Health Sciences: San Francisco, CA 
  • Triphase Pharmaceuticals: India 
  • Unique Biotech: India  
  • Vitatene: Italy 




But… the reach didn’t stop there!

With more than 21 global principals and more than 140 international clinically studied product ingredients, I was at the helm, providing total integrated marketing including:  


  • Strategic & Tactical Market Planning  
  • Market Opportunity Identification & Positioning  
  • Product Development & Launches  
  • Brand Development & Market Expansion 
  • Portfolio Management & Customer Retention 
  • Market-Based Pricing Strategies & ROI 
  • E-Marketing & E-Commerce  
  • Creative Branding & Marketing Communications  
  • Strategic Alliances, Joint Ventures & Partnerships 
  • Market Research & Analysis 
  • Integrated Sales & Marketing Strategies  
  • Team Building & Leadership 
  • Product refinement & Life Cycle management  
  • Budget Preparation & Management  
  • Print, Social Media & Direct Response Promotional Campaigns  
  • Public Relations & Events  
  • Operations & P&L Management  
  • Business Development & Account Relations 


Team Talents


When I started working for B&D it was undeniable how strong their team was in all categories: science, innovation, commercialization of products, regulatory, the bioavailability of products, supply chain logistics, quality management, customer services, and distribution – they were true industry leaders with a great deal of knowledge. The problem was that they weren’t using their strengths to promote and market their business.  


My Solution was to use these attributes of the team to build industry awareness and recognition because B&D was working on expanding nationally – they were a major player. 


Public relations, events, marketing, and advertising tactics played key roles in this effort, and with great success. Our industry niche was solidified with more new business opportunities, increased manufacturer representation, and continual growth.


Optimizing Investment


Most people don’t realize marketing can be a major profit generator? I saw a huge opportunity to make B&D the provider of marketing services. I led the concept and set up the structure. As a bonus for clients and principals, I pitched my marketing, communications, design strategies, and tactics – I was the creative director, strategist, and more. If our principals already developed their own product strategies, we would simply obtain their files and repurpose the creative – branding, messaging, and visuals to develop – a new suite of marketing tools to promote the ingredients to B&D’S B2B audience. I applied unique, never-before-seen strategies in this category that were highly effective for growth, ROI, and building awareness.


Growth Results


Through my time with B&D Nutritional Ingredients, I worked to reflect B&D’s mission and personality throughout the company and industry, ultimately increasing awareness, customer loyalty, market share gains, increasing sales and developing a new profit center. And, as an added bonus, I secured additional impressions for B&D by working to utilize and share principal budgets for greater impact helping to cultivate a win/win environment. 


Industry Adaptation


Rebranding B&D into an approachable and memorable brand was something new to the industry. It worked almost immediately.  B&D was getting noticed, building awareness and gaining exposure and leads quicker than ever before. But I knew I was really doing something right when other companies started to rework their strategies and copy my campaign ideas.  



Top Key Achievements: 


Proposed ADM’s successful consumer outreach program and provided strategic, creative, and implementation direction. Realized over 42,000 Facebook likes and engagements and trade support. Used as a sales tool for manufacturers and loyalty asset for clients.  


Secured free editorial coverage from NutraIngredients for Javaplant with a reach of over 40,000  


Produced 132% increase in sales by repositioning stagnate Betanat brand to a Natural Choice Beta-carotene and U.S. Product Innovation of the Year Award Campaign. 


Generated $14M+ in new product sales in five years by spearheading new product development and launches. 


Delivered 215% increase in unique hits in the first year through development and introduction of website acquisition strategy including SEO and email campaigns.


Added a new profit center, increasing revenues and free reach. Conceptualized, proposed, developed, and managed the marketing profit center. This strategy included additional insertions and reach without expenses to B&D. 


Improved customer retention through the development of a CRM strategy. 


Achieved 150+% ROIs and two new product launches for developing marketing acquisition plan including prototyping, e-mail campaigns, events, and promotional literature. 


Improved database by 48% and increased influencer sign-ups customer loyalty programs and webinar events. Influencer sign-ups customer loyalty programs and webinar events. 


Recognized as ADM’s top sales and marketing team 7+ years 


Lobbying efforts in Washington D.C. helped finalize Good Manufacturing Practices for the industry. 


Marketing strategy recognized by the Nutritional Business Journal: invented, developed, and implemented B&D’s marketing tactics to connect with influential people in the industry. 

Rob Carlstrom
“Susie has a unique ability to be presented with a product and supporting background information and envision the consumer/user of the product in regards to needs/benefits and how the products can address those needs and delivering that message in a very creative and effective manner. Excellent team member and willing to take a supportive or leadership role as required.” 

Rob Carlstrom
Vice President
B&D Nutritional Ingredients

“I have worked with Susie for four years. During this time I have been able to see her time and time again meet deadlines and exceed expectations. Susie constantly brings new and innovative ideas to our creative discussions, and is then able to correlate those to our marketing and sales strategies. Her ability to see the big picture, ask the right questions and then deliver amazing marketing pieces, strategies, and solutions is what makes her an amazing asset to any company.” 

Kyle Redfield
Director of Sales
B&D Nutritional Ingredients

“Susie provides a high level of creativity to her work along with being able to bring it all together to provide a long term marketing strategy. Susie dealt with complex products and has created easy and effective messages for us. I highly recommend her work.” 

Michael Sodaro
Vice President of Sales
B&D Nutritional Ingredients

“Susie’s creativity and knowledge in the marketing arena always knocked me off of my feet. She is a true innovator and pioneer and I’ve seen other companies follow her lead and try to replicate her ideas. She has her finger on the pulse of the Nutraceutical Market.” 

Jennifer Thomas
East Coast Account Executive
B&D Nutritional Ingredients

“Susie is a knowledgeable and passionate consultant who really listens to the client to get to know all the available information before she helps formulates strategies and tactics on how to address the business questions at hand. Susie is reliable, great to work with, and at the same time is not afraid to be blunt about hard choices.” 

Doug Reyes
Sales & Marketing Manager
Embria Health Science





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  • Business Performance Evaluation – Company Name, Pricing, Sales, Product Development, Customer Service, Culture, Leadership, Customer Retention, Customer Loyalty, Alliances/Partnerships, Vendors, Memberships/Certifications, Partnerships, and Product Refinements
  • Ideation Sessions and Brand Audits
  • Product Development
  • Industry/Category Analysis
  • Market Research and Reports
  • Cultural Analysis and Trend Reports
  • Customer Surveys, Interviews, Research, and Segmentation
  • Focus Groups
  • Product Concept Development, Testing, and Positioning
  • Market Opportunity
  • Target Insight Definition
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy and Tactical Plan

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  • Mission and Vision Development
  • Logo and Visual Identity Package Creation
  • Tagline and Messaging
  • Guidelines
  • Internal and External Tactics

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  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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