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Part-Time Marketing Communications Executive and PR Consultation Boosts Momentum, Strategy and Recognition 

“Susie provides a high level of creativity to her work along with being able to bring it all together to provide a long term marketing strategy. Susie dealt with complex products and has created easy and effective messages for us. I highly recommend her work.”

Michael Sodaro
Vice President of Sales

Objective: PR and Marketing Campaign Demonstrates Quality Manufacturing  

Nutralliance is a premium-ingredient sales and marketing company focused on servicing the dietary supplement, functional food, and personal care industries within the United States. Founded in 2002 by industry veteran Brian Salerno, the company’s focus is on the ability to cater to their customers’ specific needs while maintaining an honest commitment to high-quality product standards delivered at a competitive price and in a timely manner.  




The Challenge  

The company’s founding team leadership triumphs in operational excellence, standing true to their devotion in providing tailored, high-quality products to their clients. However, the team lacked new product launching experience that was needed to showcase how Nutralliance had conquered an important issue facing the ingredient distribution marketplace. In addition, the leadership team was growing, bringing on new members who continued to support and grow their market network in new directions, and Nutralliance needed help sharing this news with current and prospective clients in their trade and beyond.  

Q2Mark’s Plan of Action  

Michael Sodaro, VP of Sales, first connected the team to me, Q2Mark founder and Chief Marketing Executive, in 2012, after working with me at another nutritional ingredient distributor over previous years.. With my industry knowledge, and knowing my results, Michael trusted my marketing and communications resources to be exactly what the team needed to keep moving forward.  



Perks of Solid Marketing and PR  

For Nutralliance’s latest business objectives, I worked on promoting the news of several newcomers to the Nutralliance team. The addition of a new Sales Director, Technical Director and Regional Account Executive was huge because they were all bringing in specialized knowledge from different areas of the marketplace. I highlighted this information in company press releases which were distributed and published in industry publications hitting current clientele and prospective clients, showing the company’s commitment to growth, strategic expertise and quality.


Going Beyond Product Promotion 

Nutralliance has been successful in expanding into new marketplaces within the dietary supplement, functional food, personal care ingredient and animal nutrition industries. But, in new partnership with Bio-gen, a collaboration that demonstrates how combining responsible farming and maintaining relationships is key to quality control, an opportunity existed to offer great quality lutein at lower prices – allowing developers of consumer good products a greater ROI or a better price point to gain more market share. I knew this was a priority to capitalize on tactically by developing – from concept to final production – a compelling promotion video.  


Through the use of animation, key icons, colors, music and especially sought after voice over, this video was an effective tool for Nutralliance, demonstrating not only traceability of the product, but commitment to quality of manufacturing.  

One Piece of Content = A Whole Campaign 

My Lute-gen Seed-to-Drum video had so much impact at showcasing traceability, positioning Bio-gen AND effectively branding them that the content spurred a whole Lute-gen Lutein campaign.  

I combined the look, creative illustrations and content to build:


  • Advertisements
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Branded PowerPoint Templates for Prospects and Client Presentations
  • Product Literature
  • Trade Show Graphics
  • Branded QR Codes on Printed Collateral Leading Audiences Back to the Lute-gen Seed-to-Drum video
Growth Results 

That’s right, I and my Q2Mark team did. I brought creative marketing and PR consulting that refreshed the Nutralliance name, boosted recognition, and left behind a strategy and tool kit of resources that motivated further product production and business success for the company’s continued growth.  

Lute-gen is the Smart Choice 

As a credible U.S. distributor, Nutralliance in partnership with Bio-gen, is successfully positioned as a trustworthy and affordable source for Lutein by illustrating the Seed-to-Drum farm to manufacturing process, communicating accountability, reliability, traceability and overall quality control through my strategic campaign and PR promotion. 





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