Lisa Alley-Zarkades

Our Tactics Drive Personal Professional Growth 


Experienced VP Secures Top Marketing Expertise To Grow Personal Brand and Professional Business Initiatives  

“Thinking about my career, I appreciate and really value the attributes that define a company’s success beyond the P&L: value-based decision-making, great leadership, ethical business practices, long-term financial strength, evolving business strategies, sound governance, collaborative cultures.” 

Lisa Alley-Zarkades

Turning a Passion and a Personal Brand

Utilizing strategic marketing and communication best practices and our design expertise, a rich, tasteful brand was developed to attract more significant business opportunities with proven ROI for this client, turning a personal passion into a business.

Objective: The Importance of Your Personal Brand 

When I was first introduced to Lisa Alley-Zarkades, I instinctively knew she was an exceptional person. She was a devoted leader in her organization, a visionary in multiple markets, accompanied with the right foundation of educational credentials and career accomplishments to back-up her knowledge and expertise. Yet, somehow, she was so much more.


At every engagement and every conversation with HORN Animal Wellness team members, animal industry association members, equestrian enthusiasts, clients and vendors, they all had the same message – they loved working with Lisa. Above all, they believed in her so much that they would rather work for her or with her than anyone else. Her leadership is filled with compassion, authenticity, transparency, wisdom, humility, courage, integrity, and service. She has this incredible ability to achieve goals through collaboration and inspiration of her team. 

With all of her impact, successes and incredible reputation, Lisa wasn’t taking the time to capitalize and cultivate her personal brand. While the testimonials from her team, peers and industry professionals should have been enough, I saw this all firsthand and, since 2013, have worked to create an online presence for Lisa, building her profiles, telling her story, documenting and sharing her passions, strategies, and results.   


Objective: Resurfacing a Brand 

Professionally, Lisa Alley-Zarkades is a senior food science and pet food industry executive with over 30 years of experience. Vice president in commercial development of HORN Animal Wellness, Lisa envisioned, conceived and established this division with full responsibility, and it is now the company’s fastest-growing business unit.  


Lisa’s personal accomplishments stretch deeply into the world of animals, particularly with annual horse training clinics in partnership with Spanish Olympian Luis Lucio and her award-winning horse, Panadero XLVI. 


Lisa has an unwaning and overwhelming passion for animals that extends far beyond her professional animal health and wellness welfare advocation. Fostering her love for a special breed of Spanish Stallions, and one Stallion stud, in particular, Panadero, is among these passions. 


Panadero XLVI, the legendary Pura Raza Española stallion of Liberty Exhibition fame, comes from the world-renowned bloodlines of the Cárdenas Stud of Spain and the Yeguada Militar. Panadero XLVI is a Pure Spanish Horse, or P.R.E. – a rare breed and one of the oldest breeds in the world today. Born in 2002, Panadero’s journey from Spain to the U.S. was the accomplishment of his owner, Lisa Alley Zarkades, and her passion for this special breed; it’s temperament, versatility, athletic ability, and intellect.  

 Marketing A Stallion  

To properly market Lisa, her clinics and–most importantly–Panadero XLVI, she needed a logo, brand and overall presence that paid homage to the class, elegance, and beauty of Panadero, his Spanish heritage and the Dressage culture. 


The Story of a Stud 

In person, Panadero was a vision, but displaying that digitally was a whole different ball game. Previously the website was a rainbow of colors and the fonts were hard to read. To start, I proposed a reface of the website to give Panadero a fresh new brand.  


I introduced a new set of colors – gray and white to highlight Panadero’s beautiful gray coat, and included navy as a tasteful accent color that really popped in contrast. I also incorporated  Panadero’s stunning imagery throughout, created some promotional gifs and used his name, Panadero XLVI, in a classic, clean and elegant font to create a simple but sophisticated new logo. 

 Socially Engaging 

Panadero, the star that he is, is already tapped into the social media stream – seriously though, he has his own Facebook page and YouTube channel!  


To keep things cohesive, Susie did a total overhaul to his social media presence. She developed branded graphics that incorporate the new Panadero logo and theme, and apply them across all social media and digital platforms. Susie created and implemented social strategy including posts and videos to really bring his digital presence to life and engage his audience.  

 Clinical Success 

Twice a year, in partnership with Panadero’s trainer, Margit Deerman, an award-winning, licensed Parelli Professional™ 3-Star Instructor, Lisa hosts a dressage clinic with top Olympic rider and coach Luis Lucio. As one of the fundamental pillars in creating and developing Dressage in Spain, Luis’ work with riders of all ages has brought him more sporting success, medals, and awards than any other trainer.


A highlight of Luis’ career and professional standing was as a Spanish Dressage Olympic Team Rider at the 1996 Atlanta and Sidney 2000 Olympics. In 2013, Luis became the Dressage Technical Director of the Spanish FN (RFHE) and in 2014, the Spanish Grand Prix rider achieved his appointment on the FEI Dressage Committee. In August 2016, Luis was honored to coach the Spanish Dressage Olympic team in Rio, taking 7th place in the overall team competition as well as 5th and 10th in the individual competition.


Luis is so knowledgeable and world-renowned that I wanted to express that in promotional pieces. I designed fresh, classic collateral and rolled out a campaign including digital and print advertisements as well as social media promotions and profile management. 



A Focus On Your Personal Brand Elevates You 

Lisa is a client and she has become a dear personal friend. I have worked to share her stories and successes, both professionally and personally, resulting in more connections, engagement with her target audiences and interests and greater business opportunities. 



A Brand is a Business, A Business is a Brand 

I used my marketing, communications, design expertise and best practices to successfully develop a rich and tasteful branding and design perfect for not just Panadero, but ALL Dressage, Parelli students and practitioners.  


I created a successful new logo and digital image for Panadero XLVI that drives him as both a business and a brand for Lisa.  


 Digital Overhaul = YES 

The cohesive digital design and marketing overhaul, from website to social media, has been used to track ROI and is proven to have generated new social media fans and business lead generations for both Lisa and Panadero XLVI.  







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