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“Susie is an absolute pleasure to work with! She has incredible insight and instincts for marketing and communications and is constantly thinking through new ways to communicate product advantages and branding for her clients. My direct experience working with Susie is that she is methodical, creative and skilled in her ability to communicate the vision and message of a company and/or product. She thinks five steps ahead and is always considering how any action, no matter how small, will affect the overall message and strategy, an essential skill for anyone involved in marketing a brand or product. She takes her client’s requests to heart and works methodically, diligently, and with the highest amount of integrity to deliver results on time. Most importantly she is kind, compassionate and honest. I would not hesitate to work with her or for her on any future projects.”


Gabrielle Kline
Sales Manager
Ethical Naturals Inc.

Objective: Integrated Marketing Solutions to Boost Business Growth, Sales and ROI

Ethical Naturals Inc. (ENI) was founded in 2006 with the intention of supplying premium standardized botanical and specialty materials to the supplement and pharmaceutical industries. ENI is an NSF/GMP-certified company under FDA CFR21, 111.


ENI’s guiding principle, “NATURE VERIFIED BY SCIENCE®,” drives every decision they make and is the basis for their industry-acclaimed ProfileProven® testing program. This program assures that all the ingredients it supplies are fully tested for purity and potency in its own lab or other U.S. independent testing laboratories.


ENI supplies premium commodity extracts and a range of proprietary and patented ingredients for key categories, including joint care, cholesterol, cardiovascular, mood relaxants, and others. It supplies materials in bulk or finished capsules from its manufacturing division.


The Challenge  

ENI prides themselves on their ability to cater to each customer’s specific needs while maintaining their focus on integrity, honesty, and the commitment to high-quality product standards delivered at a competitive price promptly.  


At the time I came on board, ENI had been successfully marketing a unique product, GreenGrown Glucosamine, for about six years, with sales growing each year. This product is special in that it offers comprehensive patent protections, quality guarantees, and further quality control that boasts ENI as a true industry. However, they were limited in their ability to expand the market due to restrictions from their original licensing agreement.  


As previous restrictions were released, ENI saw an opportunity to invest time and resources into further marketing GreenGrown and their brand of Glucosamine products.  


Strategies and Tactics  

A Nutraingredient-USA contact recommended Q2Mark to ENI. After meeting with them and reviewing their market position and goals, my team and the ENI team agreed that my marketing success in this industry would be a strong fit for the company and we began working together.  


 The GreenGrown Way 

I saw a great opportunity to help ENI with their remarket of GreenGrown Glucosamine, offering strategies and tactics to capitalize on current investments.  


To start, I proposed a new logo, something fresh, current, and contemporary that would directly relate to the product and its benefits. I introduced new illustration, an upward sloping green leaf to convey: growth, a natural product, forward movement – directly relating to the product benefit – as well as growth for a product category and product development. In addition, the text was placed at an angle moving forward, which psychologically relates to motion that again directly relates to the product benefits. 



Ultimately, ENI wanted to take advantage of their newly patented process to build awareness and credibility, demonstrate their expertise, and increase sales and market share. Having a specific website allocated for GreenGrown helps ENI really showcase their commitment to the category.  


ENI had started to move forward with a website proposal, but there was some missing strategy that lacked alignment with their vision and focus. With my Q2Mark team, I worked out several different website strategies and ultimately found a solution that provided more customization and value for a better rate.  


Further Website Efficiencies and Communications  

A huge highlight of the website project was a downloadable lead magnet – a white paper Q2Mark wrote and designed as a part of ENI’s advertising campaign. Once a lead enters their contact information and opts-in,  the system sends a series of automated emails I and my team designed and developed to include information about the benefits of the product. This white paper was also repurposed for emails and follow up communications from the sales team.  


Digital Advertisement   

ENI wanted to invest in a media buy for greater awareness and lead generation. I sought out prime opportunities and proposed a campaign, with Nutraingredients USA, that used banner graphics from the GreenGrown website as digital ads, the white paper as a download for the audience as well as a branded QR code leading audiences and views right back to ENI and the GreenGrown Glucosamine website.  


For the ad campaign with Nutraingredients, there was a need for another lead magnet. I proposed repurposing the white paper into an infographic to illustrate the data in smaller graphical communications – adding more value to their existing content. 


On an extremely affordable budget, I developed the custom piece from outline to illustration. With the final product in hand, Isaw ways to further maximize ROI, build awareness, deliver consistency, and drive lead generation opportunities. I continued to take the lead for ENI and created a press release, e-blast, landing page and distributed the infographic to online directories, effectively expanding their reach.  



In keeping with ENI’s commitment to transparency and ethical business practices, I developed and distributed press about news, updates, and other consumer-oriented articles about the opportunity provided by vegetarian and vegan joint care products that were well directed into the industry. 

“Susie’s work and the GreenGrown Glucosamine rebrand and marketing efforts have been the most growth in the quickest amount of time we’ve EVER experienced from ANY marketing consultant.”

ENI Sales Team

Growth Results



I implemented numerous tactics, which maximized ENI’s overall ROI:  


  • GreenGrown’s free white paper was used to obtain contact information for potential leads from ENI’s website
  • The GreenGrown ad campaign tracked downloads, and ENI website leads to confirm which creative was working best, thus tracking results from both our end and the media house to verify overall results
  • The branded GreenGrown QR code for each printed ad and literature provided another way to track promotions back to ENI’s website
  • We converted the GreenGrown white paper data into yet another custom piece, a Vegetable Source Infographic which served as another lead magnet, PR piece, e-blast and was housed on its own landing page.
  • The infographic also surpassed initial intent and was used to build awareness further and maximize ROI for ENI as being used by consumers as an educational tool for the vegetable sourced glucosamine.


Press Success 

We generated a huge buzz and saw great results from industry outlets publishing all press releases and articles surrounding the GreenGrown Glucosamine product line and ultimately: 


  • Helped position ENI’s GreenGrown as a trustworthy source for glucosamine
  • Increased ENI and GreenGrown’s name recognition
  • Increased awareness for ENI’s outstanding approach to QA
  • Uniquely positioned GreenGrown as the leader glucosamine
  • Increased market share and sales growth
“Susie is an extremely professional and gifted Marketing Communications and Branding Consultant. In only a short time she brought my company into the social media marketing world at a crucial time as it is a staple in all industries and positive changes were seen immediately. At the same time she created company logos and created brand awareness instantly with her marketing techniques. Our company benefited from her insight, ideas and decades of experience.


I would recommend Susie without question. She has handled large corporations and smaller businesses, like the one I work for, with same professionalism, care and instinctual skill that comes so naturally to her. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to meet her, work with her and experience the talent she has to create advantages for companies to achieve greater heights.”  

Roy Fleischer

Sales and Communication

Ethical Naturals Inc.  





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