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Our Brand Enhancement Strategies Align for a More Approachable Product 


Ingredient Manufacturer Engages Outsourced Marketing and PR Methods for Expertise and More Growth

“Susie is a knowledgeable and passionate consultant who really listens to the client to get to know all the available information before she helps formulate strategies and tactics on how to address the business questions at hand. Susie is reliable, great to work with, and at the same time is not afraid to be blunt about hard choices.” 

Doug Reyes
Sales and Marketing Manager
Embria Health Science

Objective: Elevate Product Line and Inform Consumers

Embria Health Science is dedicated to creating and manufacturing natural, science-based ingredients that support wellness and vitality. Their ingredients are featured in dozens of leading dietary supplement and food products found in stores catering to natural products, grocery stores, health care practitioner offices, drugstores and on-line. The ultimate goal is to provide the proven efficacy and safety needed for products that help people (and their pets) stay healthy and maintain a high quality of life to enjoy the things they love. 


Embria ingredients are all made in America and supported by years of thorough research and development. Consumers can trust that products containing their ingredients provide safe, effective and healthy solutions. Embria guarantees consistent and reliable ingredients by having accomplished professionals use leading-edge technology in manufacturing and quality-control systems. Premier ingredients are just part of the value we provide customers. Their scientific, marketing, technical, and regulatory talent brings innovation and expertise to provide solutions that help customers achieve success. 


Whether you are a food or dietary supplement manufacturer, health care practitioner or other professional looking to provide solutions with real health benefits, you can feel secure in knowing that Embria Health Sciences stands are committed to your success.

A Proven – Powerful Ingredient 

Embria Health Sciences was formed because their parent company found that factory workers who manufactured yeast cultures were not using much sick time, which was part of their overall time off. Further investigation with their health insurance provider indicated actual health care claims per person were 40%-60% lower than other companies of similar size in the same region. So after a study confirmed these workers indeed had stronger immune systems due to this yeast culture, Embria was born and EpiCor, their groundbreaking, and health-promoting ingredient was created.  


When Embria was missing a leader for their marketing, I was asked to step in as an outsourced marketing executive (OME? EME?). As a one-of-a-kind marketing and communications expert in the industry, I possess proven tactics that are more approachable, friendly, memorable and easy to understand for developing brands.  



Cue the Strategy 

Initially, I personally flew out to a few corporate meetings to talk brand strategy. Immediately on the chopping block was the EpiCor tagline, “High-Metabolite Immunogens.” It was not user-friendly and it didn’t resonate with customers or consumers. A great tagline captures the essence of the value you bring to your customer; it forces you to really think what it is that you are doing for your consumer. Having the perfect vision, I proposed a new tagline that made the brand more welcoming and user-friendly. The team LOVED it!  



Anonymous Distribution 

Surrounding immune system support, Embria created an infographic, “The Cost of a Sick Day,” with some basic stats on the common cold and the flu. However, the team didn’t want the results of distribution or publishing to be impacted by association with their name. They wanted consumers and professionals to learn the facts and share the information without a manufacturer’s influence.  


With lots of contacts and a great PR track record from more than 25 years of experience, I was asked to take over and distribute the infographic for the team. I had my company, Q2Mark, roll out a campaign that included a press release, a landing page to house the graphic, code and messaging, an e-blast, directory seeding, and social media.  



Growth Results   

I used my formal education and training, along with my experience, to successfully help Embria boldly move forward with product launches and also as a company – a consumer-friendly ingredient pioneer.  



Tag, You’re It! 

I proposed “Proven Immune Strength” as a one-of-a-kind tagline because the product was scientifically proven to strengthen immune systems.  It was such a hit that the whole logo was changed moving forward to include this new tagline. It really helped both the company and the product grow. 



Bringing the Topic Forward 

The “anonymous” distribution was a HUGE success, several industry media contacts picked it up, and the two-month growth timeline was super impressive.  


  • The infographic was posted to their distribution partners website B&D Nutritional – the website saw almost 3,000 new visitors and  “The Cost of a Sick Day” was ranked the second-top landing page. 
  • Twitter highlights per post were fabulous: 
    • Natural Product Insider: 3,939 followers
    • New Hope: 7,549 Followers
    • Nutritional Outlook: 1,640 Followers
    • NutraIngredient USA: 5,343 Followers
  • Our most EXCITING result was Google Ranking:
    • The new “The Cost of a Sick Day” Infographic was moved to 3 out of the top 4 posts on Google.







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