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Electrical Contractor and Low Voltage Services Rebranding and Marketing for Growth

Dave Hoover

“I’ve always been proud of DRE and the company we’ve grown and evolved into, and to be honest I didn’t quite see the need to change our representation. I was very much in favor of keeping us in the ’90s, that is until I met Susie Hays. 


Believe me, it took some nudging, internal bias is difficult to see even when you are looking for it, but I look back at our old corporate identity and digital presence and cringe. 


Susie quickly put her expertise to work showing me what the new face of DRE could be. She whipped up a unique branding and logo that really sets us apart and shows just how exceptional our quality of work is in our category. It’s amazing to see the new doors that have opened and the recognition of the DRE presence. Everyone knows DRE from the logo on our shirts to the labeling of our work, Susie and team gave us the identity we needed to truly compete in our field. 



I was proud before, but I’m even more proud now of the organization represented by this new presence. Thank you and keep nudging!” 

Dave Hoover
DRE Power & Cable

Objective:  Visual Identity  

Since 1989, a wide range of San Diego County, Orange County, and Los Angeles County businesses have trusted Orange, CA-based DRE for their electrical and low voltage installation needs. DRE is a fully licensed and insured C-7/C-10 contractor. Their 25+ years of diverse experience and their team of highly trained field technicians translates into seamless, efficient networking, building integration, and other electrical projects.  



The Challenge  

DRE’s technical expertise and experience are beyond recognition. Lack of recognition is a big problem, especially for a Best-in-Class establishment. Other than previous and current clients, DRE’s skill and long-standing industry mastery weren’t being recognized. Also, DRE was looking for direction in reaching their audience and communicating their message.  



Outsider Ingenuity  

Impressed with my knowledge, experience, and quick solutions, DRE brought me onboard part-time to identify the DRE Power and Cabling brand and to help create a visible marketing approach that resonates with their audience to drive lead generation and growth. 



Q2Mark Tactics 

Once on board, I evaluated the brand positioning and quickly became the creative and integrated marketing eye DRE had been longing for. I immediately saw that their brand identity was generic and outdated. The logo conveyed DRE as a smaller, less skilled conglomerate and, as a result, wasn’t deemed memorable or an effective tool for their business.  


Another issue facing the company was a lack of new leads and business growth. I constructed and executed comprehensive lead generation tools and tactics not only communicating DRE’s industry expertise, but also ensuring exposure of their new visual identity at all touch points. 

Logo Overhaul  

When it comes down to it, a successful logo is just one building block working within a system of coloring, photography, messaging, etc. to help tell your brand’s story. But I recognized a new logo was a crucial tool to rebuild for DRE’s business.

I presented these elements that were key to the success of DRE’s new brand: 


  • Balance: Power and Cabling are the two main aspects of DRE’s company, encompassing a whole host of technical expertise, services, and solutions associated with each facet. The new design focused on providing a great balance in regards to each aspect of the company.  


  • Shape and A 3D Effect: After exploring several concepts, a new circular shape was the functional design solution, relating to the materials DRE uses to provide both power and cabling solutions. In addition, I proposed the 3D effect to drive home the depth of knowledge and expertise that goes into each project and exemplify the quality of work DRE provides from the ground up.


  • Color Scheme: I was struck by DRE’s attention to detail, organization, and how clean and functional their work is, so I was adamant about expressing this in the new logo design. The orange and red shape represents the power side, and the blue shape represents the cabling side of the business. The black shape in the center connects the two sides with a great textured center surface to drive home a true industry feel.  
Website Re-Do 

DRE Power and Cabling is a reputable, reliable, and true industry leader, but there was no way of telling this by looking at their previous logo OR their website. Their previous website was more of a static brochure; there was more bounce rate than actual lead generation.  

With a new logo for inspiration, I went to work on including: 
  • Fresh key branding elements that tied in the new logo design components 
  • Project Imagery: DRE had lots of project pictures, but they weren’t meshing with the theme of the site. I went through and optimized, sized, and color corrected these pictures to enhance the final website package.


HR Efforts: 
  • Developed job descriptions for positions they wish to fill 
  • Communicated DRE’s Equal Opportunity Employer standards 
  • Developed a new application form to streamline their process 


Highlight the DRE Leadership Team:  
  • Bios were developed showcasing each executive’s years of service communicating their commitment DRE.  
  • I also highlighted their certifications to demonstrate expertise and dedication to their craft. 



Extending Job Relations  

In DRE’s industry, client contacts come and go taking away the potential for further work opportunities down the road. I generated branded contact labels that the company places on their electrical control panels after completing their initial job so their work can be identified, and DRE can be contacted when needed.  



Billboards: Walking & Rolling  

Who needs an oversized sky-high billboard when you have so much opportunity at eye level? Using DRE’s new logo, I created super cool, well-branded shirts helping to identify the DRE team and associating them to the exceptional work being done – AKA great exposure and keeping DRE on EVERY client’s mind. “Oh hey, you work for DRE, that GREAT power and cabling company…” – said every client (really)!  



Walking billboards, check. Next stop on Q2Marks’ innovation drive, vehicle graphics.

For local service businesses and contractors, strong vehicle graphics:  
  • Are effective tools to build awareness.
  • Keep your business/services on top of mind and drive opportunities. (No pun intended.)
  • And having these strong graphics on site conveys quality and teamwork.



A Social Stance 

After setting up DRE’s social media platforms and presence, I trained the team on tactics and put into place a management system so, moving forward, the company would be able to execute their own programs. Incorporating social media into their marketing plan was tactically important as it helped demonstrate their industry expertise, provided their audience with helpful information, keeping them in mind’s eye and, ultimately, lead generation opportunities.  



MORE Marketing Automation Made Easy 

With social media and a responsive website in place, I continued marketing automation, adding email marketing to the mix. I created campaigns and e-blasts that educated and expanded DRE’s reach even further into their target audience. Included in Q2Mark’s email program, I created e-signatures branded to DRE’s management and office staff, further communicating the company’s new visual identity and tying it directly to the experts themselves. Having this overarching automation in place, DRE could move forward, responding quickly to leads with a minimum management investment.   







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