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Best Case: A Rebranding Strategy That Strengthens and Repositions a Firm for Accelerated Growth


Fractional CMO Delivers a New Brand Identity to Differentiate the Unique Services of a Bay Area Wealth Management Firm

Who Is Blackhawk Financial Advisors?


Harnessing an exclusive combination of legal and financial expertise, Blackhawk Financial Advisors (BFA) is a boutique financial planning firm specializing in strategic, analytical wealth management that touches all aspects of your financial life, ensuring optimal financial health and wellness. From your investments to your estate plan, BFA’s background allows them to see opportunities other financial planning firms miss. BFA intentionally limits their clientele to less than 100 families to provide a higher level of service and a deeper relationship that helps genuinely understand who our clients are and the best way to achieve their goals.

The Challenge   


BFA was facing challenges in expanding their client base. Since its inception, the firm was built via referrals, which didn’t allow BFA to attract ideal customers effectively. In addition, they hadn’t invested in marketing besides a few basic identity tools and a static website. The lack of strategy failed to separate the principal and her business as a uniquely valued and influential advisory, and the firm’s processes weren’t optimized for maximum results.

Our Approach


Since we had a smaller budget and a shorter project window with BFA, we wanted to focus on the biggest impact areas. For this client specifically, it was about fixing her brand, harnessing the founder of BFA as an attractive character, leveraging her voice, warmth, appeal, charm, and distinct financial planning and law expertise.

We overhauled the firm’s corporate identity, developing a new logo and stationary package with a brand guide, folder, business cards, and e-signature. We also coordinated a new photoshoot to update the founder’s headshots. We helped source local photographers and provided hair, make-up, outfits, and posing recommendations. Once the new brand was developed, we updated and optimized BFA’s social media profiles, creating and implementing a new policy and strategy.

Additionally, we curated and launched social media promos around a local fundraising event BFA participated in, as well as a video and ad campaign to help drive new leads.

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Growth Results

When we began working with BFA, they were lost and didn’t know how to move past the business stagnation. After stepping in, we were able to help them achieve a vision and deliver solutions and new content that effectively highlighted the firm’s unique strengths, differentiated them from the competition, and ultimately drove new leads to increase their bottom line.


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