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“Susie helped grow this organization from the bottom up and has been wonderful to work with! Words can’t describe my gratitude for all she has provided us. She is an amazing master of her trade, and I am thankful for her expertise during the infancy of RFA!”


Daphne Johnston

Executive Director 
Respite for All Foundation

Objective: Transforming a Foundational Marketing Strategy That Drives Results and Builds Growth Opportunity


Over 6 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s in the U.S., and by 2050 that number is projected to be more than doubled. New systems need to be implemented to provide a better quality of life while living with dementia, and they need to be developed right now! 


Until the formation of the Respite for All Foundation, few national organizations out there could serve the social and spiritual needs of both the care partner and the person diagnosed with the disease—especially not one that churches or community organizations could easily replicate.


The Respite for All Foundation is a nonprofit with a mission to inspire, grow, and mentor Respite Volunteer Ministries for communities seeking to minister to persons with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia disorders through education and shared best practices. The program model has been nationally recognized by the Administration on Aging as an innovative initiative for dementia and by Kiplinger’s Magazine Retirement Issue for alternative quality healthcare.

The Challenge   


When Respite for All came to Q2Mark, their marketing strategy and efforts were stuck at square one. They had been working to expand the Volunteer Respite Model by providing structured training and offering ongoing support to local ministries or organizations wanting to establish a program in their community. Their goal was to launch the Respite for All Roadmap product and invent their marketing funnels. Unfortunately, the marketing programs in place left holes in their structure, missed best practices, weren’t fully integrated, and needed a broader approach to drive results and impact efficiently and effectively. The organization had a largely under-developed foundation that resulted in slow growth.

Package Delivered: Respite for All Roadmap Productization


The Respite for All Roadmap was a top priority for RFA. With the support of the Rupe Foundation, RFA created the video training program, a culmination of nine years’ worth of training that served as the basis for the curriculum that would ensure all new communities have on-demand access to the information and tools needed to implement and sustain a successful volunteer Respite program. The problem was the program was still in pieces.

Q2Mark stepped in to help package the program and then structure the offer to build a greater audience and ultimately gain more sites and donors from the traffic the program attracted. The Q2Mark team worked through viable pricing options for the training, helped RFA develop and implement the necessary Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimers needed to protect their content. We also assessed and made recommendations on platforms to house the training, provided design support with the development of additional training materials, and developed the video sales script and landing page via Kajabi.

Once the program was launched, we pitched strategies to increase and drive leads through PR and live-streaming events that would introduce RFA and highlight their proven volunteer model and the program offering.

The Website Relaunch


While working on the productization, our team also began repositioning RFA through a website relaunch. The site they originally had in place was built off of a template. It was disjointed, not optimized properly, and was difficult to navigate. Not to mention, their content strategy lacked the necessary tactics in terms of storytelling, engagement, and lead generation.

Streamlining Structures and Systems


When auditing RFA, we quickly identified that they had a very fragmented marketing approach. Our plan of attack included re-developing foundational marketing systems that targeted their audiences and worked to build awareness, trust, and authority within the community. In addition to productization and relaunching the website, we guided RFA through a rebuild that encompassed all vital touchpoints, including refining customer relations, and completed a full overhaul of their social media profiles implementing optimization strategies and best practices for each platform. We also developed and executed a social media strategy to increase brand awareness and improve social presence.

Content campaigns through email and social media with direct copywriting response tactics that focused on the need and RFA’s solution for families living with Alzheimer’s or dementia. To further optimize and develop RFA’s physical reach, we fixed their direct mail, literature, and other marketing collateral.

Building a Champion


Respite for All’s Executive Director and Co-Founder, Daphne Johnston, is the lifeblood of this organization. She is a unique thought leader passionate about bringing awareness to the Respite model. When she speaks, it’s impossible not to follow her lead, to want to take action and make change happen. In marketing, people become fans and followers – brand champions when they can trust, appreciate, respect, and genuinely love the spokesperson. We knew that the greatest opportunity for RFA came with Daphne in this role. So, throughout our content strategy, we worked to harness Daphne as the star, specifically through video. The RFA team had little experience with capturing video, so we worked to make recommendations on equipment and helped to set up the strategy to capture content from Daphne to use on the website, via social media, email, and more. We also utilized Daphne’s past appearances and training videos to develop reels and short clips that helped position the organization and drive loyalty.

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Growth Results

Since the beginning of our engagement, Respite for All has reaped the benefits of the tactics and strategies we put in place, results that, prior to our work together, seemed impossible for them to reach. Q2Mark helped Daphne move the organization through a transformation that has changed the mindset from low-intent lead generation to high-intent demand, focusing on the marketing pipeline put in place. We’ve also delivered a new digital footprint and built systems and processes that help RFA track, measure, and optimize training sales and community growth across the country.


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