Delivering Data: The Science Behind Proven Strategy

Delivering Data: The Science Behind Proven Strategy

Today, we are producing more data than ever before. Data that, as marketers and growth strategists, we measure and analyze across various channels to see how our efforts are performing. As customers and technologies evolve, these data points and analytics will remain critical to help demonstrate ROI and as further leverage to drive decision-making, strategy, campaigns, and growth.

This all sounds great. Who doesn’t love to see the numbers ticking up in the right direction? But it’s all about how you plug those results back in for even more – keeping your marketing data-driven to maintain effectiveness. Here are some ways to get great results and make them even more extraordinary.

See What’s Working and What’s Not

Let’s start by saying that more visibility = goals. Everyone wants to boost recognition, which is one benefit of data-driven marketing. By honing in on specific data points, we can track a customer’s journey from beginning to end. These days, however, that journey is no longer linear. Consumers are not simply finding out about your product and then purchasing it. Instead, people are doing their own research on your website, social media, and looking for social proof from other consumers.

Marketing analytics provides a valuable overview of the relationships between your marketing channels and offers insights into how they perform individually and together. For example, say you send an email to your database. From there, we’re looking at the open and click-through rates for those who clicked on your website. We’re also looking at the impact of that email versus other marketing initiatives. This allows us to prioritize improving efficiencies, leads, and conversions on the right channels, which gets you the ideal paying customer.

Cross-Channel Recognition

Even more visibility? You’ve got it! How so? Well, interacting with brands nowadays is more about emails, social media, and website visits and much less about walking into a store and purchasing products. Digital engagement brings forth a more significant yet complex picture that might seem tricky to track, but your ability to identify which channels are performing the best can optimize messaging that evokes desired user behavior and interaction across various platforms.

Audience Insights

Clever marketing always comes back to customer relations. Analytics helps define what stands out to your consumers and provides the opportunity to track how individual prospects engage with your various initiatives and channels. Looking at this information aids in developing demographics and psychological profiles of your niche audience, including information ranging from age, gender, and location to how and what news and interests they regularly consume. These insights are vital to clarifying or confirming your follower base. In addition, they help create engaging, focused content consistent with your brand and your consumers wants, needs, and desires, ultimately continuing to nurture brand loyalty.

Generating New and Better Content

Building and maintaining your brand without content marketing can be difficult. Content allows you to build trust and have direct consumer interaction. Reviewing recent data ensures you develop engaging content in tune with your customer’s ever-changing needs. Your viewers take the time to consume and share new and relevant information with their networks. Overall, this data gives you a better sense of what should continue to be implemented and what can be dropped from your marketing efforts.

When it comes to marketing, data, and analytics help a business determine what strategies are working and which are not. Implementing solutions that align with results can change the way you do business. With the right creative minds on board, your marketing and communications strategy can help turn your business goals and objectives into measurable outcomes, but it will support your bottom line.

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